To design, engineer, and supply the Blister Packing Machine (Model: BQS) as per the URS and to ensure that it complies with the Scope of. To describe the Installation Qualification procedure to be used during qualification of Blister Packing Machine (BQS), its accessories and to. To describe the Operational Qualification procedure to be used during qualification of Blister Packing Machine (BQS), its accessories and to.

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The joint detection sensor is provided which sense the joint and reject the blister automatically with the help of program in the PLC. To prove blisster each operation proceeds as per the design specification and the tolerances prescribed there in the document are the same at utmost transparency. Each and every pocket of the blister is sensed by the sensor. About Us About Us.

The hydraulic pressure is same like forming station as operated by same Power Pack. I’m Online Chat Now.

Blister Packing-(BQS)

Pvc Blister Packing Machine in Mumbai. After getting the signal, the macgine blisters are rejected by the suckers provided in the pick up station which are connected to the pneumatic line and the vacuum line. The web is pulled by pulling roller and the thrust roller.

Emergency Switch Location Punching bllster Perforation Gear box Make Bonfiglioli Ratio 1: Alarm Screen Click the alarm button from any screen The alarm screen will activate. With servo, bqs achieves precision power, speed and position control. The vibration level can be changed with the help pakcaging vibrator controller.


Pvc Blister Packing Machine. This station is provided to do the embossing for providing batch no. Automatic Blister Packaging Machine. Product material is put into the hopper which is of 50 Lt.

Output to Volts Quantity 1 No. In cold forming, forming takes place with help of plugs Metallic or Teflon which are pressed with very high pressure against firmly clamped ALU-ALU film special type Multi layered film. To design, engineer, and supply the Blister Packing Machine Model: This system is provided to pick up the blisters after cutting operation. Unwinding Make Bharat Bijlee Bliwter 0.

Rationale — To verify alarms function and respond according to the system design. Forming area x mm.

All product contact paclaging are L stainless steel and high grade aluminium alloy material, avoids cross pollution, comply with GMP standards. It automatically performs preheating, house forming, feeding, heat sealing, code embossing, perforating, mould cutting etc.

The forming of the blister cavities is done with the help of plugs mounted on upper plate These plugs are operated by the pneumatic cylinder Pressure — 6 Bar. It is a big pleasure to cooperate with you.

Machine stops at zero position 7 Low temp. Make Rexnord Location Sealing Station Location Bottom Sealing Plate Your email address will not be published. Location Cooling station In recent years a new base film is developed having extremely good barrier properties for hydroscopic products or products affected by light.


Treatment Blackodising Quantity 1 Macuine. Linear vibrator Vibrator controller. Alu Blister Machine in Mumbai.

Blister Packing-(BQS) | Shirwal Taluka – Khandala,, Satara | ACG APT | ID:

This station consists of bottom plate, top plate, bottom forming plate, blowing plate and other pneumatic parts. Aluminium Foil unwinding station. Tablet Press Machine This system is operated with pneumatic pressure and vacuum. Pvc Blister Machine in Ahmedabad. With over mcahine, machine installations worldwide, it speaks lengths of the high quality standards we follow at ACG as well as complying with major international quality certifications or legislations.

Leave a Reply Cancel Reply Your email address will not be published. Make Technocraft Ratio 7. Log In Remember Me. The equipment shall be used for the blister format drawings and the change parts there of — as supplied by the above supplier.

In plug assist forming cavity formed is of more uniform thickness and thickness achieved is more compared to vacuum forming and compressed air forming. AC Drive Feeding Motor.

ACG pam-pac in technical collaboration with iwk verpackungstechnik, germany presents servo technology enabled flat-forming, flat-sealing, continuous motion blister packing machine – bqs blistering quickly through servo. Different types of product infeed systems are used for feeding the product in cavities at higher speed in continuous motion.

Alu Blister Machine in Mumbai.