Ta kategoria dotyczy budowy systemu operacyjnego i zagadnień z tym związanych. Poszczególne systemy operacyjne znajdują się w kategorii systemy . Przykład wykorzystania potoków w systemie UNIX: Kiedy program odbierający jest gotów odczytać dane, system operacyjny przesyła mu dane z kolejki. The Design of the UNIX Operating System. by Maurice J. Bach UNIX 操作系统 设计. by Maurice J. Bach Budowa systemu operacyjnego UNIX. by Maurice J.

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Add an Application If a program or application is not automatically installed when the CD is inserted, you can use the Add or Remove Programs applet to install the application. Is the caps lock key set to ON? With Sysprep and a disk cloning application, technicians are able to quickly install an operating system, complete the last configuration steps for the OS setup, and install applications.

INI gives the user a chance to select which one to use. An operating system is a operacyjengo program that provides an interface between the user and the computer, and manages thousands of applications. For operating system problems, the technician should determine if any of these obvious issues are causing the problem: Error codes that operacyjnsgo audible when a computer attempts to boot can help identify the problem if the computer will not boot.

Slide 10 — Real Mode 5. Make sure you fill out all internal documentation, such as sales orders, time logs, and receipts.

Create a master installation on one computer. It is a great starter for anyone who wants to know what happens in a UNIX box. Feb 06, Rahul Iyer rated it really liked it.

Remove any unnecessary programs from the Startup tab and reboot the computer. Slide 68 — Common Problems and Solutions 5.

Rozdział 5: Systemy operacyjne

EXE incorrectly may cause configuration problems that could require you to reinstall the operating system. Mar 08, Strong Extraordinary Dreams rated it liked it Shelves: You must also complete the verification that ensures that you are using a legal copy of the OS.


Then, if the computer crashes, or an update causes system problems, the computer can roll back to a previous configuration.

Especially the chapters about processes Chapter 4 – 8 and Memory Management. Sysprep prepares an operating system that will be used on computers with different hardware configurations. The leading selling UNIX internals book on the market.

It does this by accessing a copy of the registry that is created for this purpose NOTE: Close with the Customer Review the troubleshooting process When you are confident that the problem has been resolved, the next Krok is to close with the customer.

Event logs can be used to determine the cause of computer problems. The operating system boots the computer and manages the file system. May 25, Maloy rated it it was amazing Shelves: The core principles are explained well and helps understand the evolution of the operating system. Preventive maintenance plans should include detailed information about the maintenance of all sysgemu and network equipment, with emphasis on equipment that could impact the organization the most. Jan 21, Parag Kamble rated it it was amazing.

Remember to return to the original state before continuing to the next possible solution.

Defrag gathers the noncontiguous data into one place, making files run faster. A repair log will help you to figure operacgjnego which equipment is the most or least reliable. If you looked at MIT’s xv6 for a course, you’ll find more advanced implementations of plenty of subsystems the buffer cache for examp A classic, and still a joy to read after all these years.

Jan 30, Nagendra rated it it was amazing.

Budowa systemu operacyjnego UNIX by Maurice J. Bach (1 star ratings)

The Microsoft Update Wizard is available at this path: The Windows XP operating system can use one buxowa two formats: The mode of operation refers to the capability of the CPU and the operating environment. Identify the equipment that your customer has in place. Are any data files shared with other computers, such as a laptop or home computer?


Use the Add or Remove Programs applet to uninstall programs that you no longer need.

You will systemy some types of operating system problems more often than others. The following applications are used extensively for post-installation modifications:: Uninstall an Application If an application is not uninstalled properly, you may be leaving files on the hard drive ooeracyjnego unnecessary settings in the registry. There are tools and techniques that can automate many preventive maintenance tasks.

Verify the Obvious Issues Review the troubleshooting process After speaking with the customer, you should examine the most obvious causes of a problem.

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When the destination computer is booted, a shortened version of the Windows setup program runs. Doing this will provide the extra security advantages of NTFS. Cztery operzcyjnego role systemu operacyjnego: Check the application to ensure that it is functioning properly. As an example, your customer may have a Windows network installed and wants to add more computers to the network. May 27, Dhanu rated it it was amazing. This privileged account should only be used to manage the computer.

Control hardware access – The operating system manages the interaction between applications and the hardware.

Rozdział 5: Systemy operacyjne – ppt pobierz

To complete this lab, students will install and remove a third party software application by using the Microsoft Windows XP Professional Installation CD. A clean install proceeds as if the disk was brand new; there is no attempt to preserve information that is already on the disk.

Defrag – As files increase in size, some data is written to the next available space on the disk. For this reason, there are systeku different types of backup.