Boost Your Chess 1: The Fundamentals by Artur Yusupov “Yusupov series of books (Build up your chess, Boost your chess, Chess Evolution) for players in. A lot has been discussed on this thread about Artur Yusupov training course. Since this is a great resource and Build Up Your Chess 1. Build Up Your Chess 2. Artur Yusupov was a very strong Grandmaster in his prime. past few years Quality Chess published a three volume series called BUILD UP YOUR CHESS.

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I picked up the first of these texts that month. Tactics, openings, fundamental uup, calculation of variations and the rudiments of positional chess are all addressed. Like the first three volumes in this series, this work is designed for self-study. Freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee 6 min ago. These days Yusupov qith play so much preferring to spend his time teaching and writing. Back in he was ranked third in the world and narrowly missed defeating Anatoly Karpov when the latter was still near the peak of his legendary powers.

Boost Your Chess 1: Gollum 2 de abril de He has won everything there is to win in chess except for the World Championship.

Build up your Chess 1 – Artur Yusupov, Improvement chess book by Quality Chess

Yusupov guides the reader towards a higher level of chess understanding using carefully selected positions and advice. I have the build-up series.

Such an approach has been seen before but never done as well. Freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee 7 min ago. In other words, you do the orange cover books “build, boost, evolve” then the blue cover books, then the green cover books. No PayPal account needed. But now they have a real workout book: This is a necessarily evil in positions that are selected from actual games and yusulov not artificially constructed.


I see three target audiences for this book. Dec bukld, 6. I’m planning to do them both.

Yusupov’s award-winning Training Course

As someone who really likes tests and scores, it is a little hard for me to let go of the feeling of being unfairly penalized when a computer says that my move was just as good as Yusupov’s.

Yeah, real rip off there. Of course, I probably would be better off actually going through more of the books I already have but will have some extra money to spend on books so I want to get something good: I don’t really think even the first book is for absolute beginners with no tactical knowledge since he doesn’t really explain basic motifs just give examples of some intermediate level tactics. Mark all topics as READ. Trainer of Praggnanandhaa, Aravind and many other promising young Indians.

Log In or Join. So, any idea on who the Fundamental Series is aimed at?

Artur Yusupov was a very strong Grandmaster in his prime. Michael McGuertyChessCafe full review. And I based the review in the first two books on ‘the fundamentals’ and the final test of the final book of ‘mastery’. The Boost Your Chess series continues this successful format and deserves to win a spot on your bookshelf.

Publicado por Gollum en However, Yusupov’s books are designed for use in a 3 year long formal chess instruction program. Suggested rating ranges maybe; I haven’t seen anything in a cursory search. The common confusion around the study order is due largely to the order in which the publishing house doing the English translation decided to release the books.


Is the ninth, and final, book of the course still not out yet? But in the end your score only matters to give a sense of your own progress; no one else is looking at it and deciding to deny you a diploma because your test score wasn’t sufficiently high. Dec 6, 7. This series is perfect for such an individual.

So, btw, just to show that these do work. I don’t know why people always think books are expensive It sounds very similar to the ICS international chess school program, only you can do it on your own accord. But a very strong GM thinks that this position is an excellent demonstration of the virtues of a particular move illustrating some core principle.

Build up your Chess 1 – Artur Yusupov

Build up your Chess by Yusupov. I have Pachmans books and think the material is great but I have found that, particularly in the first book, the material is quite basic which has caused me to skip some topicsbut I am enjoying the second and third books.

Pay by credit card, debit card or Jp. Placing second and third in the voting were books from Garry Kasparov and Mark Dvoretsky. All you need to do is get dirty!