It’s three thousand miles from the green fields of glory, where Henry “call me Hank” Thompson once played California baseball, to the. Caught Stealing, by Charlie Huston While elements of the fantastic sometimes sneak into his work, Huston is primarily a crime writer, and if. Charlie Huston is an American author of crime novels and superhero comic books. He lives in Caught Stealing, along with Six Bad Things and Huston’s fourth novel, A Dangerous Man, follow the lovable anti-hero, baseball-mad Henry .

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Hank is a New York City bartender with aching feet, a developing booze problem, and not much razzmatazz left to his future—until the day Bud, the charismatic cat, enters his life. Oct 03, J. The dialogue is inane and very affected with an attempt to be hip and cool. The dialogue is sharp and coarse, villans devious, and story timeless.

A protagonist trying to save his skin–and a cat–gets a pass for almost any behavior. Cauht we did it just like that When we want something, We don’t want to pay for it. If you’re into vampire charile without the sparkle and “fun”, Charlie Huston’s dark, noir, super awesome world of NYC vampires is superb.

Movies to Watch Since the Industry is Dying. Retrieved July 26, I cared enough to search out the next book the series, Six Bad Things Hank Thompson, 2 and plan on staying with Hank all the way through. I thoroughly enjoyed the gritty first person narration that gives this novel the wonderful noir feel that it has.

All because of Atealing. Hank and his cat Bud who has to be the mellowest cat in existence are instantly likable and I suspect Xharlie will be rooting for them in the rest of the series.


Caught Stealing

Trivia About Caught Stealing It a story about a young man that thanks to some bad luck and bad timing gets involved with things that will change him forever. Feb 28, gert rated it it was amazing. He also wrote the second Ultimates annual in August May 31, Pages.

I love narrative NF as it brings life to history, makes it real and relatable as Bobbi Kornblit: Please help by adding reliable sources. I like his other series character Joe Pitt much more.

Wilson plays Hank Thompsononce a hotshot high school baseball prospect, turned unlucky, going-nowhere bartender who mistakenly gets caught up in a bloody treasure hunt through New York City. Wayne Kramer has signed on to direct Caught Stealing for Myriad Pictures, who will bring the project to the Afm next week.

Even though the kidney-shaped hole in his side is just killing him, he heads out to do his laundry. An error has occured. I rea This is a book written by an author who set out to write something “edgy” and “hip”, vowing to take noir fiction to the “next level”. Hank’s a good guy, tending bar in New York City, fighting his inner demons with alcohol.

The second half of the book is a little better with less repetition. I kept loaning it out and never getting it back.

Inspired by Your Browsing History. The profanity, violence and pace are unrelenting. Apr 27, Pages Buy.

From the Hardcover edition. Patrick Wilson will play Hank and I think he ztealing the right look.

The best parts for me were the subway scenes, and Hank’s clever use of New York culture. He began his career working for Scott Rudin. But, nonetheless, it was a good read.


Huston uses a peppering of humor and wit to give his story a more complete feel. Turns out that hard guys—on both sides of the law—are claiming rightful ownership.


Caught Stealing starts at a canter and is soon at a flat out gallop. We walk right through the door Walk right through the door Hey, all right! Apr 19, J. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Past tense is always a better choice because it gives the reader the feel that the events of the story might really have happened.

Please try again later. Within a few days, Thompson is ambushed by a pair of Russian thugs who beat him so badly he has to have a kidney removed. And I tip my hat to the author for pulling this off because if you are going to do this stuff in first person it’s a fine line between nailing the tough guy voice and sounding corny.

When she wants something, She don’t want to pay for it. And as the story unfolds Thompson slowly transforms fro Caught Stealing starts at a canter and is soon at a flat out gallop.

Alec Baldwin has been cast as Roman, and during ‘Caught Steeling’ I thought his look went well with the hard, greedy and vicious cop. You know, huzton instead of punctuation marks.

Caught Stealing — book review

LitFlash The eBooks you want at the lowest prices. Now, he may be quitting something much bigger. All because once, in another life, in another world, the only thing Hank wanted was to take third base—without getting caught. He’s just trying to live his life in peace. Great short read in a genre that I cannot seem to get enough of.

Sliding up the stairs, he then notes strangers outside his apartment door.