HT -P Nghĩ ;. The Chôro. Fake Book. Second Edition. 42 Selected Brazilian Chorinhos written in Lead Sheet form, and including some duet parts and obligados. CHORO FAKEBOOK – Download as PDF File .pdf) or read online. CHORO FAKEBOOK. Choro Fakebook. Uploaded by jesus. Brazilian fakebook. Copyright: © All Rights Reserved. Download as PDF or read online from Scribd. Flag for inappropriate.

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There is a lot worth exploring in this music. Pixinguinha, the most prolific choro composer, played flute as a young man but later played tenor sax exclusively. I’m not a choro player but would offer my opinion that the music in the movies Black Orpheus and Central Station is very enjoyable. Thread Tools Show Printable Version. The melody of that Bandolim choro piece reminds me of something, almost certainly a number from a stage musical, but I can’t quite place it.

Bob Draznik Post Edited How accurate it is I have no idea, but…a diligent internet searcher would be rewarded. Fake Book Django – gaga. For Sale Put your ads for items you’d like to sell here.

Choro Fakebook – Free Download PDF

As for Almir Chediak’s Choro Songbook series, yes they are great. Words by Earl Brent. He was a monster on flute. A true style lesson. Abel Silva, one of the greatest clarinet players of choro, playing his most famous composition: Music by Matt Dennis.

Mauricio Carrilho, Nailor Chor, Pedro Amorim and Jorginho do Pandeiro meet up at the studio to record a repertoire of compositions of their own and classics. Here is a link with text in Fkaebook about the book, with images and all: This index is not included in the original book but as some titles can’t be read The instrumentation is tends to be very guitar mandolin stuff where as Nazareth music is originally written for piano and tends to sound like What Charlie Byrd called “Brazilian Scott Joplin’ Tom Puwalski.


Some really beautiful music! Instruments Retailers and manufacturers of fakebook, both modern and early replica Events Major events especially for clarinetists Miscellaneous Services and products too varied to categorize!

Old recordings with bass are not rare at all. It seems to fakevook that “portable” easy to transport band instruments are favored over the heavier instruments. I’m sending the link to some friends.

It has a link to buy the book but it sends you to the publisher’s website in Portuguese, which is a bit lame. Search results for ‘the choro fake book’.

When I work with my guitar player we usually go with a little more rubato in it. You have no items in your shopping cart. These are hcoro two books.

A fake book would be really great, if you know the tunes already but written music doesn’t tell you “how” to play the music.

Your consent to our cookies if you continue to use this website. I’ve been including a few on my klezmer concerts fakbeook every once in a while I’ve been known to play them on wind synth.

i Gig Book

Vibracoes, is in the Bandolim play along from Choromusic. Copyright 0 Renewed Dorsey Brothers Music. The Clarinet Pages is sponsored by: Rhythm Quarter fakebolk half notes and rests.


Neff, just go to You tube and look for Jacob Do Bandolim. He was facing serious finacial problems at the time. From the ninth track on, it will become a study CD for chorl and accompanists, who will have, besides those tracks, all of the scores used on the recordings, in PDF, including parts for transposition instruments.

He made both C and Bb versions. This is from another publisher, choromusic. Sobre a Acari Records. The place was packed with Brazilian people who were totally into the music. Very cool and good workout in sharp keys for us Bb players. One of the most talented composers of choro among other styles is Pixinguinha. The Real Books are the best-selling jazz books of all time. Although the melody cyoro played by the flute it can be replaced by the cyoro, when using the CD.

Look under “choro mandolin” at http: Sponsored Links Remove Advertisements.

Choro Fakebook | JorgeAntonio NL –

Although they have some good play along books for other composers this one chooro Pixinguinha is not the best. Please, no more than two at a time – ads removed after two weeks. Sammy Nestico fake book – Dumarsengraving. These original recordings have been found recently and in very good conditions.

There seems to be some great klezmer recordings there too!