in CNR [13,] however, recommends the application of a strut and tie model to the upper part of front transverse wall considering. The seventh science fiction megapack 25 modern and classic stories – 9th edition examkrackers mcat complete study package – Interstate. : La normativa sui prefabbricati. (Norma CNR/84) e la relativa discussione: 30 cm, bross. edit; pp. 96, diverse ill Molto buono.

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This is the General Standard addressing the needs for strength, behav- iour when installed and durability of structures made of reinforced and prestressed concrete. Reference to codes with concrete prefabricated structures and concerns the characteris- tics that producers of hollow core slabs must assure in order to respond to the essential requisites as defined by the Directive on Building.


General rules to value fire resistance of reinforced or prestressed con- crete structures are supplied by 110025 standard. The EC Conformity Mark will become obligatory for all building products as for all other products in circulation in countries belonging to the European Community.

Enviado por Leandro flag Denunciar. Minimum depth for hollow core floors without topping.

CNR _84 – PDF Free Download

This is a fundamental document for the analytical calculation of a structure’s resistance to fire. Ministerial Decree dated 3 December and Ministerial Memorandum no.


It promotes the adoption of a process approach to enhance customer satisfaction by meeting customer requirements. This Standard is applicable in Italy as long as the substitute, integrating and suppressive prescriptions contained in the General Part and in Sections I and III of Ministerial Decree dated 9 January are complied with. Reference to codes To obtain the Certificate of Conformity it will be indispensable for producers to adopt a Factory Production Control System. European building Standards The geometric and strength characteristics of sections as well as calculating, designing, verifying and acceptance methods refer to European standards in force at the time this text is being written and are listed below.

Reference to codes Chapter 1 This indicates the objectives that a company must set itself in order to satisfy the Customer with continuity, to ensure company manage- ment that the pre-established quality standard has been reached and to assure the purchaser that the specified quality will be delivered.

The effective application of the system aims to enhance not only customer satis- faction and product quality. Provision for hollow 01025 floors with concrete topping.

The new version of this Standard also applies to all cases concerning prefabrication.

It does not deal with specific fields but con- tains the values of safety coefficients approved by CEN-TC and the general principles of design valid also for prefabricated compo- nents in general. Some details of hollow core floors, for example the absence of nor- mal transverse reinforcement, make it necessary to apply some spe- cific rules in addition to ENV At the moment it is not suitable for hollow xnr slabs. Reference to codes par.


This part supplies the principles and rules that supplement those found in ENV concerning prefabricated components and therefore also hollow core slabs.

This is a most precise and detailed description of the production of concrete in order to xnr the necessary durability as well as quality. Producers of pre- fabricated components are involved. This standard thus supplies the rules for special designs not contemplated by ENV andbut in perfect agreement with their principles of calcula- tion.

CNR 10025_84

Indeed, this Standard considers all operating stages of a job, from designing to implementation, erection and servicing once 110025 structure has come into use.

The certificate of conformity will be issued by national certification and inspection bodies which shall assess the compliance of the product with the European Product Standard by carrying out inspection and surveillance of production control. This supplies a general basis for the design and building details of the structures of buildings partly or entirely constructed with pre- cn components.

It is extended to include the satisfaction of other interested parties: