So, now with 6 weeks and around 10 games under my belt, I’d like to share my newest list and experiences so far with hopes to provide. : Warhammer 40, Codex: Craftworld Eldar (): Gavin Thorpe, David Gallagher, etc.: Books. Codex: Craftworlds is a seriously awesome book. Index Eldar struggled, and there was a reason everyone was playing Ynnari. Now however.

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Craffworld a Farseer with the first two powers, and a Farseer with the second two – for this example, we’ll use the latter. Howling Banshees are good for clearing up hordes and tying up enemies in melee combat, while Striking Scorpions are better at dealing with MEQ targets and are more suited for backline assaults compared to your other choices. This particular section will focus primarily on the Craftworld options for obvious reasons. If you are going Guardian heavy then the unique Stratagem is actually pretty good as it lets your Guardians stick around longer.

Sadly, Phoenix Lords can’t take a Warlord Trait. Even then, if you roll a 1 and they roll a 6, nothing happens…. Ads by Project Wonderful!

Codex Craftworlds After 6 Weeks : Eldar

Views Read Edit View history. Windriders and Shining Spears all appreciate the support as well, and can easily pick away at outlying forces while your wraiths or tanks burn through the core of your enemy’s army. A squad of Howling Banshees grouped up with a elf Warlock Conclave can prove a relatively competent strike-squad that can handle most standard infantry relatively well.

Guardian Defenderswhile more expensive and considerably more cowardly, can still easily take advantage of the Shuriken support and make for a relatively strong objective securing unit. Any battle-forged Asuryani detachment can be chosen to become either a Windrider Host or Wraith Host at the cost of 1 CP, with all applicable units gaining the respective host keyword associated with them. Retrieved from ” https: If you don’t have Yvraine, Alaitoc can instead field an Autarch with a Fearless aura, allowing you to safely spam multiple large units that all re-roll 1s to hit, and can take an incredible punching from range.


If you were planning on taking a Farseer as your HQ or Warlord, putting Eldrad in your list should be a priority.

Codex: Craftworld Eldar (3rd Edition) – Warhammer 40k – Lexicanum

Be careful though; Unless Jain Zar is within 6″ of your banshees, they no longer strike first in melee. Remember that Corsairs, Ynnari, or Conclave units don’t edar any benefits from these. Not a right or wrong way I like the red more than blue anyways to play them. If you are the kind of elf who coddx it when a plan comes together, you might crzftworld tactical enough to lead the Eldar to their victory upon the battlefield.

For example, if Eldrad is your Warlord, he must take Fate Reader. Honestly this screams Wraithstar. Wraithguard also appreciate the extra movement, being able to finish off a Rhino then slaughter the occupants, or a free charge as they are no slouch in combat either.

If you want to pull this trick more than once, you’ll want Skyrunners, so your buffers can keep up with your Spears. Non-special Asuryani Characters codexx take anything below, and if you have an Asuryani Warlord you may take one for free in your list.

Need a little more durable artillery to back up your paper-thin Kabalites? A unique little sub-division of eldar, the Corsairs are to the Aeldari as the Death Korps of Krieg are to the Imperial Guard; an overpriced Forge World exclusive faction crsftworld a fancy little twist on the standard way they’d normally play.

Prince Yriel gets special mention due to being an Iyanden specific character, though you can do better with a vanilla Autarch at a more reasonable price point. Fire and Fade 1 CP: Spiritseers are another notable choice; they’re cheap and act as force multipliers for your Wraithguard and Wraithblades.

  B121EW09 V4 PDF

Jain Zar accompanying your Howling Banshees can make them that much more of a bitch to deal with, not necessarily due to the Always Fights First rule though that’s definitely still a plusbut the ability to disable an enemy’s weapon while in combat.

This is critical because now you can make a lot of easy assumptions on what your opponent will shoot at. WindridersVypers and Wasp Assault Walkers offer fast and relatively cheap platforms to field Shuripults or Shuricannons on, though they find better synergy with other attributes compared to Biel-Tan’s.


He’s not a bad character in and of himself, though his abilities and loadout render him fairly situational unless a list is built specifically around him. Used at the beginning of the game but before the first player turn has begun. Needless to say, this attribute comes into play far more often on multi-wound models and supports vehicle-heavy builds particularly well.

Dire Avengers are basically the poster-boys for this Craftworld.

Vaul’s Might 1 CP: On top of a much lower likelyhood of even being hit in the first place thanks to their Holo-Fields. All attacks against that unit are resolved at -1 to hit for the rest of the phase.

If at least one other Fire Prism linked fire with it, draftworld gets to re-roll its hit and wound rolls as well. Fly also means they can easily use a Charge action to bounce in and out to tie up vehicles as well or support the Spears buy blocking off any Fall Back routes. So technically if you wanted to run an all wraith army you would get more mileage from Ynnari’s Strength from Death.