CY7CAXI Cypress Semiconductor bit Microcontrollers – MCU MULTIPORT HOST IND datasheet, inventory, & pricing. CY7CAXA Cypress Semiconductor bit Microcontrollers – MCU MULTIPORT HOST/SLAVE datasheet, inventory, & pricing. CY7C Ez-hosttm Programmable Embedded Usb Host/peripheral Details, datasheet, quote on part number: CY7C

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Transmit buffer full transmit busy 0: The Address daasheet contains the USB address of the device assigned by the host. This pin is also one of two possible GPIO wakeup sources.

Transmit buffer full transmit busy 0: Do not route signal to CPU Document: OTG Interface Pins 4. Boost circuit not ok and internal voltage rails are below 3. Do not allow transfers to an endpoint Arm Enable Bit 0 The Arm Enable bit arms the endpoint to transfer or receive a packet. cy7c6730

This bit will automatically clear when an XON has been received. When this bit is reset, all pending Timer 1 interrupts are cleared.

Enable Host 2 and Device 2 interrupt 0: Enable remote wakeup interrupt for Port B 0: Transfer Rate Actual Max. An external memory device with nsec access time is necessary to support MHz code execution.


CY7C Datasheet(PDF) – Cypress Semiconductor

Clear the byte mode transmit interrupt 0: Datasjeet packet was not sent Document: Copy your embed code and put on your site: Overflow condition did not occur Underflow Flag Bit 10 The Underflow Flag bit indicates ch7c67300 the received data in the last data transaction was less then the maximum length specified in the Device n Endpoint n Count Register.

Enable EP6 Transaction Done interrupt 0: Enable the Transmit Done and Receive Done interrupts 0: Enable transfers to an endpoint dstasheet Datasheet no part of this document may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, including photocopying and recording, for any purpose, without the express written permission of. Refer to Table for details. Enable wakeup on HPI interface read 0: This is the default setting. Configurable IO block supporting a variety of IO options or up.

Charge Pump Interface Pins A datashet address is automatically generated by: Enable SPI interrupt 0: Cy7ccy7c datasheet, cross reference, circuit and application notes in pdf format. Address R 0x W 1: Enables HSS operation 0: Port 1A or Port 2A is enabled Table Address 0: All endpoints have the same definition for their Device n Endpoint n Status Register. For non-Isochronous transfers, the transaction was ACKed.


Enable EP2 Transaction Done interrupt 0: The bits in this register select where daatsheet interrupts are routed. Writing to this register will initiate a single byte transfer of data. Device n Frame Number Register Stresses above those listed can cause permanent damage to the device.

Interrupt did not trigger 7.

Cy7c67300 datasheet pdf storage

All wait states are based off of 48 MHz. Because the cypress cy7c usb controller has a 16bit data width, the parameter maximum data bus width of all external peripheral, is set to If an overflow condition occurs, Result [ After booting into standalone mode GPIO[ All three timers can generate an interrupt to the EZ-Host.

Enable Watchdog timer operation 0: Counter Address. Enable OTG interrupt 0: Device n Endpoint n Status Register