Las distrofias y degeneraciones corneales comprenden una variada serie de entidades que, en su conjunto, quedan al margen de los tipos etiopatológicos. Distrofias y Degeneraciones Corneales / Corneal Dystophies and Degenerations (Spanish Edition): Medicine & Health Science Books. DISTROFIAS Y DEGENERACIONES CORNEALES. iii. PREFACIO. iv AUTORES CONTRIBUYENTES. v. vi CONTENIDO. vii. CAPÍTULO 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8.

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Measurements ex vivo were performed on 14 freshly enucleated porcine eyes and five human donor eyes. The data suggest that corneal endothelial chlorpromazine phototoxicity is secondary to cytotoxic products resulting from the photodynamically induced decomposition of chlorpromazine and is not caused by hydrogen peroxide or superoxide anion generated during the phototoxic reaction.

Three hundred and thirty-eight healthy subjects men; women with no corneal disease underwent an exhaustive ocular examination. There are several clinical applications for biomechanical corneaales, including the detection of mild or early forms of ectatic corneal diseases.

One hundred forty-eight consecutive patients eyes were included in this study. Furthermore, mechanically it has to be extremely tough to protect the inner contents of the eye.

Corneal dystrophy and degeneration | Institut de la Màcula

Essas anormalidades estavam presentes em todas as fibras em 5 casos, eram frequentes em 8, ocasionais em 5 e raras em 4. A CK nunca ultrapassou valores acima de 8 vezes o normal. It was found that the results of medical or surgical performance were related to the cause of graft rejection. The neuro – degenerxciones battery included the following tests: Thirty three eyes of 22 myopic subjects were measured with a corneal topography system and a Tschernig-type j analyzer after the pupils were dilated to at least 6 mm in diameter.

Five eyes have been treated from 4 patients, 3 of them were relatives. Ultrasonic pachymetry was performed to measure the central, temporal, nasal, dorsal, and ventral corneal thicknesses in all horses.


Immunohistochemistry study showed that merosin was deficient in 11 patients and present in 7. Through a 9 mm self-sealing scleral tunnel incision, a stromal degeneracionds was dissected at 0.

The model predicts the same kind of contrasting behavior on opposite sides of the metal-insulator transition as is found in the recent scaling treatment of Anderson localization. The ring-shaped iron deposition after PRK for hyperopia must be differentiated from the Fleischer ring.

Corneal densitometry increases with age, but corneal keratometry and corneeales parameters do not affect light scattering in the human cornea. The last part of the book is devoted to driven granular gases and their analogy with molecular fluids. Histopathological examination disclosed many vacuoles in the epithelial cell cytoplasm and a homogenous granular material in the Bowman layer. With conservative approach self-resolution takes around 2 to 3 months.

Corneal deformation was studied as a function of Intraocular Pressure IOP, mmHgdehydration, changes in corneal rigidity produced by UV corneal cross-linking, CXLand different boundary conditions sclera, ocular muscles. Corneal biomechanical properties from air-puff corneal deformation imaging.

High-quality experimental data are needed to improve our general understanding of granular material compaction physics. This title presents a review of experiments and novel theoretical concepts needed to understand the mechanisms of pattern formation in granular materials.

We are designing and evaluating corneal adhesives prepared from dendrimers — single molecular weight, highly branched polymers. Fibers containing a higher relative amount of elastin are associated with greater elasticity and those without elastin, with structural support. Posterior amorphous corneal dystrophy: Role of corneal collagen fibrils in corneal disorders and related pathological conditions. The purpose of the present study is to evaluate the correlation between keratocyte apoptosis and corneal antioxidant enzyme activities after different refractive surgical procedures in rabbits.


After plastic surgery on both eyelids for bilateral entropion to alleviate the pain caused by the eyelashes rubbing the cornea, the white corneal patch decreased in size. The results of the study performed in 12 patients from a Caucasian family are presented. Resolution of hydrops may improve the contact lens tolerance and visual acuity but most cases require keratoplasty for visual rehabilitation.

Corneal neovascularization results from the encroachment of blood vessels from the surrounding conjunctiva onto the normally avascular cornea. The experimental results are compared with the results of the simulation degeneracionew verify the validity of the model. The corneal stroma plays several pivotal roles within the eye. We present experimental studies of deformation and plastic flow cirneales a prototypical granular medium in different nontrivial geometries- flat-punch compression, Couette-shear flow and a rigid body sliding past a granular half-space.

Distrofias y Degeneraciones Corneales

Rabbits were divided into six groups. The Seidel test showed no leakage, so a clinical diagnosis of corneal hydrops associated with nonperforated corneal ulcer was made. The influence of controlled vibrations on the granular rheology is investigated in a specifically designed experiment in which a granular film spreads under the action of horizontal vibrations.

The procedure is also claimed to be adjustable, reversible, and both eyes can be treated at the same time. The increased corneal swelling rate could disstrofias produced by pre-exposure of the trifluoperazine-HC1 perfusing solution to ultraviolet light suggesting the production of toxic photoproducts during exposure of trifluoperazine-HC1 to ultraviolet light.

While the anatomic success was achieved in all 8 patients, best-corrected visual acuity BCVA was 0. Management of corneal bee sting.