DMOR Datasheet PDF, DMOR datasheet, DMOR pdf, DMOR pinout, DMOR data, circuit, ic, manual, substitute, parts. Description. The FSDMRE, FSDMRE and FSDMRE are an integrated Pulse Width Modulator (PWM) and. SenseFET specifically designed for. Features. • Optimized for Quasi-Resonant Converter (QRC). • Advanced Burst- Mode Operation for under 1W Standby. Power Consumption. • Pulse-by-Pulse.

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Then, the FSDMRB continues its normal switching operation and the power is supplied from the auxiliary transformer winding unless Vcc goes below the stop voltage of 8V.

When the temperature exceeds approximately C, the thermal shutdown is activated. Then, Vfb climbs up in a similar manner to the over load situation, forcing the preset maximum current to be supplied to the SMPS until the over load protection is activated. Typical continuous power in a non-ventilated enclosed adapter measured at 50C ambient. The collector of an opto-coupler is typically tied to this pin.

DMO565R даташиты PDF

Free standing with no heat-sink under natural convection. An opto-coupler such as the H11AA and shunt regulator such as the KA are typically used to implement the feedback network. Since D1 is blocked when the feedback voltage Vfb exceeds 2. This parameter is the current flowing into the control IC.

Published on Apr View When Vcc reaches 12V, the internal high voltage current source is disabled and the power is supplied from the auxiliary transformer winding. If the voltage of this pin reaches 6.


Once Vcc reaches 12V, the internal current datasyeet is disabled. At the instant the internal Sense FET is turned on, there usually exists a high current spike through the Sense FET, caused by primary-side capacitance and secondary-side rectifier reverse recovery.

This pin is internally connected to the inverting input of the PWM comparator.

Datasheet Release Date These parameters, although guaranteed, are tested in EDS wafer test process. Therefore, the peak value of the current through the Sense FET is limited.

Datasheet DMO565R

At startup, the internal high voltage current source supplies internal bias and charges the external capacitor that is connected to the Vcc pin. Texas Instruments – Subject: In order to avoid undesired activation of OVP during normal operation, Vcc should be designed dmo565g be below 19V.

When Vcc reaches the UVLO stop voltage, 8V, the protection is reset and the internal high voltage current source dztasheet the Vcc capacitor via the Vstr pin.

The delay time for shutdown is the time required to charge CB from 2. It is designed to drive the transformer directly.

This pin is the positive supply voltage input. In this manner, the auto-restart can alternately enable and disable the switching of the power Sense FET until the fault condition is eliminated see Figure 6.

Because of the pulse-by-pulse current limit capability, the maximum peak current through the Sense FET is limited, and therefore the maximum input power is restricted with a given input voltage.


These parameters indicate the inductor current. If Vfb exceeds 2.

For stable operation, a capacitor should be placed between this pin and GND. This causes the feedback voltage to rise. Once the fault condition occurs, switching is terminated and the Sense FET remains off.

DMOR Datasheet PDF – Fairchild Semiconductor

SN datasheet – doctor- SN datasheet Author: Because these protection circuits are fully integrated into the IC without external components, the reliability can be improved without increasing cost. Overload is defined as the load current exceeding a pre-set level due to dmp565r unexpected event. The typical soft start time is 10msec, The pulse width to the power switching device is progressively increased to establish the correct working conditions for transformers, inductors, and capacitors.

TempShutDown Delay Current vs. Pulse width limited by maximum junction temperature 2. Qlt datasheet pdf – datasheet pdf QLT datasheet, However, even when the Cmo565r is in the normal operation, the over load protection circuit can be activated during the load transition. Rockchip RK datasheet V0. This reduces the current through the opto-coupler LED, which also reduces the opto-coupler transistor current, thus increasing the feedback voltage Vfb.