Mutzig Aubin, Romain Blondet, Ann Trimbach Berthault and 3 others like this. Comments. Other Albums. Les 4L Vroomers’s photo. 4l Trophy photos. Page 1. DOSSIER DE SPONSORING. RAID 4L TROPHY EQUIPAGE N° Page 2. Page 3. Page 4. Page 5. Page 6. Convert documents to beautiful publications and share them worldwide. Title: dossier de sponsoring 4L trophy , Author: romaindusordet, Length: 12 pages.

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G uillaume is a project manager in automation and industrial computing. The documentary will be screened in various festivals and during conferences we will attend when we return.

Raid 4L Trophy – [PDF Document]

Yes, we have to save money everywhere. Considering our dosaier, the bikes are a huge expense but in the long term, we will save a lot of money. In this context, we will also use our time, energy and cinematography skills to work hand in hand with charity organisations met on the way. So far so good: We will restrict as much as possible the use of public transports. Friday 20 FebruaryHello Algeciras!

W We are offering different solutions for our sponsors and partners: We had a few minor mechanical issues, but nothing serious. The Marathon leg went really quite well. To be continuedTuesday 17 FebruaryThe journey has begun! It is not easy! We set off tomorrow!!! dossuer


A trip around the world also means: A humanitarian effort first and foremostYesterday, Tuesday 17 February, our team set off from Annemasse at 9 am to join up with the other teams from Savoie and Haute-Savoie in Albertville. T he communication platforms we use: He likes challenges as well as discovering original places.

Les 4Tiches

We can follow specific directions. The Sherbet Road — Morocco, A bove all, it is an opportunity to be a part of the production of a 52min documentary to be produced for three years, and which will travel too, once finished.

Moreover, bike is accessible to anyone. Biking is economical Considering our budget, the bikes are a huge expense but in the long term, we will save a lot of money. He developed a taste for adventure, and learnt the values of mutual assistance and sharing.

dossier de sponsoring 4L trophy 2010

You can stop whenever and wherever you want. I t will be broadcast on both French and foreign television, and screened during various festivals. Its going to be a long night and day! Unfortunately the weather is very bad.

The Ice-cream Road — China, Weve driven all day from Biarritz, and fatigue is setting in! During years of travel, resting is important A t nightfall, we will have a tent as a home, sleeping bags as blankets and the ground as a mattress.


In partnership with the Enfants du Dsert foundation, every year dozens of tons of equipment and gifts are donated, making it possible for various ambitious projects to see the light of day: We use a whole professional shooting equipment that we completely master.

Calaméo – Des Airs De 4L

As a child, he was a scout, as his brother Kevin. I t is for us a way to travel without spoiling the environment.

I n order to promote the natural and cultural wealth of our planet and its inhabitants, ecological and economical ways to travel like cycling, we decided to produce a documentary 52min and short videos 10min to be published on the web every two months.

YouTube — Hey Bro. Biking is good for health I t is a physical exercise like any other.

O f paths, trails, roads, mountains, plains, deserts, cities, villages… Motivated like never before, we will go and dossker many civilizations and landscapes. W e will do our best to adapt, we are ready to ride through passes under the rainfields in the blazing suncities covered by snow or foggy meadows.