Drona Parva – Day 13 – The Extraordinary Abhimanyu – Part 2 (continued from: ). Drona Parva – Day 15 – The Narayana Astra – Part 2 (continued from: https://www. ) Ashwatthama. Drona Parva. At the beginning of Drona Parva,we join the action during an uneasy hiatus after ten days of fighting. The warring cousins stand face to face on the.

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Drona Parva

What padva, disjointed, and incoherent words will we speak to Krishna and Arjun when they return? But Arjun knew it would not be long before his impetuous brother was overpowered. His fears were confirmed as news of Abhimanyu’s death reached him.

Reluctantly, Bheem assented to Krishna’s instructions.

Even though he was only sixteen, he had not hesitated to join his father in the war. Please tell us how we can check him. He had caused Abhimanyu’s death. Parvas in Mahabharata Kurukshetra war. O Yudhishthir, no creature can violate the law of death.

Krishna knew the secret of countering this weapon and it has thus been baffled. Their old friendship from the days in Drona’s school was obviously forgotten.


Drona Parva – Vyasa Mahabharata

For his sake, I will, with my friends, lay down my life. Saved from a grave danger by Krishna’s advice, they mounted their chariots and horses and roared out their battle cries.

The fighting begins once more. In an urgent voice Krishna said, “O son of Pandu, what do you think you are doing? I have thereby injured Subhadra, Arjun and Keshav. He became completely shrouded by blazing missiles, appearing like a sacrificial fire suddenly sprung up on the field.

In silent grief the Pandavas withdrew. He would be back at any moment. Surely the Lord’s inscrutable will is meant for the world’s welfare.

Innumerable men and animals lay slaughtered amid shattered chariots, weapons, armour and ornaments.

Do not fear this weapon hurled by Ashwatthama. They would leave it to Yudhishthir to do. At once parvs thick shower of arrows fell from the sky. Beholding that weapon filling every side, seeing his own troops destroyed in large numbers, Yudhishthir became inspired with great fright. The Kauravas roared with delight. Drona Parva describes the appointment of Drona as commander-in-chief of the Kaurava alliance, on the 11th day of the Kurukshetra Warthe next four days of battles, and his death on the 15th day of the day war.


Yudhishthir’s Sorrow Hearing the Kauravas’ cheers, Yudhishthir could guess what had happened. Shataghnis, some equipped with srona and some with two wheels, and pxrva maces, and discs, with edges sharp as razor and resplendent like the sun, also appeared there.

Seeing his brother’s plight, Arjun invoked the Varun weapon. All the warriors and kings present also wept.

Stunned, the Vrishni fighter squatted on the terrace of his chariot, and his charioteer took him away from the battle to recover. Sage Vyasa exhorted Yudhishthir to remain firm and to finish the fight. But who could know ahead of time what destiny would finally decree? O warriors, go droja to your homes. Grief achieved nothing other than to reduce the energy of those who indulged in it.

When he stopped speaking Yudhishthir said, “So many of the earth’s rulers now lie shorn of pride and power.