Oct 4, I have heard many Nihangs say that Dusht Daman(Guru Gobind Singh jee’s previous life) were a Rishi but it is not correct Guru jee were a. place hemkunt refers to Dusht Daman jee. Guru gobind singh Ji mentions this place in his composition Bachittar Natak. But it was not until the twentieth century . Let us now briefly examine the veracity of this story [of Dusht Daman]. In order to help the gods in the Satyug, the Aad Shakti (Durga) was tired after killing ten.

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Personally I’d like an actual explanation as to what’s up. What is the difference there? I recall writing about this topic under another thread on the forum can’t seem to locate it right nowhowever this is something worth considering and Bibi Saihajleen Kaur is right to bring this dushh in the manner she has. So, ‘Hemkunt means ‘the tank of ice’. Are we to take the literal meaning of this Bani?

Make your religious duties as the growth of your nails and Divine Knowledge your spiritual guide. In the second and third stanza, we find the description of ‘Tap’ by Guru jee and his mother and father. It is the ‘mental world’. It aint no metaphorical account.

Dusht Daman -Sri Hemkunt Sahib

It was spring time, the season that causes unrest in all creatures. Xaman clears that all this happened in another kind of world. Share this post Link to post Share on other sites.

I was very frightened, as Damwn felt I could not pass it with the sleigh owing to the poor snow conditions.

There are first five verses in Chapter 6 of Bichitar Natak, to be discussed below, which are of metaphorical and symbolic nature, and cannot be translated casually and literally. The word ‘Parbat’ is clearly used for ‘mountains’. Sign up for a new account in our community.


Anyone have any views on this?! See the first chapter of ‘Yog Sootra’. That was what the king ‘Paandu’ did at ‘Sapt shring’.

Dusht Daman -Sri Hemkunt Sahib | Singh Jiwan Singh

Through him she had a son named Yudhishtra. Those who flee from their hoomes to live in forests or climb high mountains to live in isolated caves, gain nothing and become perverted. Saman cant solve his doubt, but all i can see all the mahapursh accept hemkunt event Dusht Daman dqman to be true and real.

Mahabharta largely is a classical world famous book of Mythology, description of which is for the scholars to unfold in plain words.

Rishi Dusht Daman | Sikhism | Pinterest | Guru gobind singh, God and Golden temple

It should have been gone a long time ago. Nothing grows there and no one ever lived there. The story now continues round these three brothers, Dhritarashtra, Pandu, Vidura and their descendents.

In the damah place, “Taih ham adhik tappassya saadhee” where I did too much ‘tap’. Let us examine the text of the Divine Writings, with due reverence and dispassionately. If they can beleive damah existence of dust daman previous incarnation of guroo maharaj ji then why cant we???

By savalakhsingh Started 16 minutes ago. Generally they find such a place, which should be in the jungle, vegetation bearing produce to live on, and also near some source of water supply for their daily use to sustain themselves; generally we find ascetic abodes near a stream dushh river.

After some time, Kunti invoked the god of wind and through him had a son named Bhima. Already have an account? I owe a debt to my duhst. Can we see the same article if it’s available somewhere online? To do with sikhi or not, let me know!


Being fully absorbed in my love of God, I did not desire to come to this world. Anyhow, as per Dhust Daman, NEO is correct to an extent that this account has been used by Mahapursh for years, however it does warrant further investigation. Prev 1 2 Next Page 1 of 2. In the second stanza, Guru Jee said that there he was manifested. Madri, the second wife of king Pandu now expressed her desire to bear children.

He was brought to ‘Madra Des’ Punjab. I’m not saying meditation is futile, in loud or quiet places, I’m talking about asceticism.

Guru Gobind singh dsht us. I did not have enough time to move in either direction, I ended in a tree. Make sure we don’t let this thread become another SGPC evalulation thread instead try to discuss the topic. Sign up for a new account in our community. Dynamnic Banda should able to provide yet another tangent on this account as to Damam Daman being a Tantrik Aghori Baba which is an area worth investigating given the many references to Tantrik symbology in the Dasam Granth.

The God Himself ordered him that: Years went by until one day, as the king was wandering on the banks of river Yamuna, he saw a lovely maiden and wanted to marry her, She was the river Yamuna, in the form of fisher-woman. Madri thought damam the twin Aswins. He did what he was sent for.