Egusi Melon is cultivated in portions of West Africa, especially in Western Nigeria, for the food in the seed and as a crop interplanted with maize, cassava. A study of two cultivars of ‘egusi’ melon [Citrullus lanatus (Thunb.) Matsun and Nakai] known as bara and serewe, was undertaken at the. Melon seed (egusi) is a popular food crop in Nigeria and other African countries that comes with lots of health benefits which are vital for children, young and old, .

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The fleshy, perennial roots are angular and slender in shape with the lobed, angular leaves bearing solitary yellowish flowers within the leaves axils. Pests and Diseases Egusi Melon is relatively disease free in its native regions.

Egusi – Wikipedia

The average vertical and horizontal weight to break the fruit was International Journal of Pharmaceutical Studies and Research; 2 2: Abacha the Full Option Version. Register for a free account to start saving and receiving special member only perks.

Studies conducted by the Nutrition Centre at Bawku, in the Upper Region of Ghana, on the use of egusi as a source of protein and fat in the diet of children who show the effects of marasmus lack of calories and kwashiorkor lack of protein has proved to be satisfactory.


From Wikipedia, the mflon encyclopedia. In addition, continual sunshine and clean drying areas are vital, because if the seed starts germinating its value plummets.

White Moi Moi Ekuru. Egusi Melon seeds are larger than watermelon seeds, and they are light colored.

Propagation is exclusively by seed. And that protein has high nutritional quality.

International Journal of Biotechnology and Biochemistry. The seed oil may be extracted for use in cooking. Buying Guide Egusi melon seeds are readily available in the open Nigerian markets or African food stores all over the world.

Kankaran Tsamiya Frozen Tamarind Juice. Rainfall Although drought-tolerant, the plant requires a steady supply of water for best fruit production.


ebusi Hepatoprotective Properties Dar et al. True density of the fruit was determined as ratio of fruit mass to volume of displaced water as in Dutta et al. Baked Nigerian Moi Moi. Soil depth should be at least 10 cm. The fruit may be up to 30 cm long and 10 cm in diameter. For details, see companion volume on the fruits of Africa. Banga Stew Ofe Akwu. It is, for egusii, available either whole or in flour form wherever African food is sold…notably in Europe and the United States.


Egusi (Melon) Seeds

Egusi also known by variations including agusiagushi is the name for the fat – and protein -rich seeds of certain cucurbitaceous plants squashmelongourdwhich after being dried and ground are used as a major ingredient in West African cuisine.

Egusi Recipes Egusi, when ground into powder, is the main ingredient in the following Nigerian soups used in eating fufu meals: Some authors indicated that Citrullus lanatus originated from more than just the Kalahari Desert and surrounding areas. This plant is easy to grow. Its oil is considered superior to that of peanut, and it sells for ,elon prices in the market.

The vines then wither and die. Pounded roasted seed produces a paste. Altitude Watermelons grow well up to 1, m in the subtropics, and may reach 1, m above egksi level at tropical latitudes. They are then washed to remove any remaining pulp fragments and allowed to dry in the sun. In the 30 years since, egusi production has spread further.

Four weeks after planting, flowering occurs and vines form a nearly complete ground cover, suppressing weed growth. I have a permanent solution for you.