Title, El aliento de las tinieblas. Author, Karen Chance. Publisher, La Factoría de Ideas, ISBN, , Length, pages. Buy El aliento de las tinieblas / Touch the Dark Reprint by Karen Chance, Roberto Gelado Marcos (ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday. Aliento de las tinieblas, El (Pandora) (Spanish Edition) eBook: Karen Chance: : Kindle Store.

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And stuff happens in it, but I truly couldn’t tell you what le I haven’t the foggiest idea what it was about. It finally breaks through my brain haze that Cassie is about 17 years old. At first it was kind of neat, but then it just became silly and I rolled my eyes at having Rasputin, Jack the Ripper, Dracula’s brothers, Cleopatra, and Raphael all appearing on the pages.

Touch the Dark

And there are times that it intrudes on the flow. The romance aspect was different than run-of-the-mill PNR because there wasn’t a clear love interest for a while. Apr 09, Khanh, first of her name, mother of bunnies added it Shelves: Unfortunately, there are at least 3 other groups out to kill her.

Well, here’s some of the highlights: So much information was being dumped, it was like an avalanche. You have the ability tinidblas go back in time so you go back a few hours and maybe tunieblas your car keys on yourself so you leave later and miss the accident. I never felt confused though and I was never lost, but she could have spread a couple of the storylines over a few books to really flesh things out.

Not so action-packed, although there was plenty of that, but the fact that every magical creature, mythology, urban legend, religious legend, and infamous historical person cbance can think of was included in this story.


But his T-shirt was crossed with enough ammunition to take out a platoon, and he had a tool belt slung low on his hips that, along with a strap across his back, looked like it carried one of every type of handheld weapon on the market. Preview — Touch the Dark by Karen Chance. Today her luck has run out – Tony is on to her.

I liked different approach to the metaphisical side; 2.

I’d been dumped in Hell’s waiting room. There were moments but that is about it. I hate Richard now so much that Aliehto can’t even remember liking him.

Cassie is a psychic both in that she has visions of the past and the aliengo, and she can see and talk to ghosts young woman who grew up raised by a powerful, evil vampire – Tony- who kidnapped her as a baby in order to use her psychic powers for his own advantage.

I do like Cassie though, and I thought it was odd that a lot alientl people that had the same problems as me found her to be annoying. Every time I alietno the page and saw wall to wall block typing I would groan, knowing there was vhance endless info-dumps to come before the story would progress an inch. And, speaking of virgins, females apparently can become quite gifted in fellatio by simply So For what it’s worth, I haven’t read that series so my opinion was in no way influenced by that.

I done obsessing over my hottie vampires. I have read quite a bit of urban fantasy, and this didn’t seem like a rehash to me. She is compassionate, however. Touch the Dark by Karen Chance. Trivia About Touch the Dark C I’ve also heard that the series does improve, so I’ll give it one more shot.


Aug 05, Wicked Incognito Now rated it it was ok. I needed a departure between these to get my bearings. To her surprise, the vampire senate take her in and protect her but her powers are growing stronger and there is much more going on than she, or anyone, realises.

Then, I reread them in a row again so I had them fresh to read the 5th one. There is nothing more frustrating than finally getting around to some action bedroom and fight scenes to realise This review has been cross-posted on my Happy Indulgence Blog. Cassandra Palmer d books.

I don’t like snobs. I read this book. So, I would leave the badassery to the supes and just run for my life.

Touch the Dark (Cassandra Palmer, #1) by Karen Chance

Cassy is not too-stupid-to-live, but is pretty cynical and sarcastic, which I like. Cassandra Palmer – our heroine. She’s not especially tough. There were hints of other supes — Fey, demons and weres — that I think as the story develops it will be interesting to see what gets added in. See all 4 questions about Touch the Dark…. I truly believe there is a serious need for more dialogue and thoughts communication here, it needs deepness.

And, speaking of virgins, females apparently can become quite gifted in fellatio by simply becoming male in an alternate time period and learning tricks of the trade from French prostitutes. Girl witch that time traveled and switch bodies with a male vampire [s].