Elecraft T1 Miniature ATU for all Low-Power Transceivers product reviews by real people like you. Only at – is a Web site dedicated to ham. Elecraft Automatic Tuner, max 20W, ready built. Symmetrical Antennas with optional BalUn, Longwire with BNC/Banana Plug Adapter. Elecraft Automatic Tuner, max 20W, kit. Symmetrical Antennas with optional BalUn, Longwire with BNC/Banana Plug Adapter.

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When changing band on the FT, the T1 will recall the latest good setting for that band.

Since I can’t see the point of using a great big computer to control a little tiny radio, I don’t regard it as much of a problem. To give you an idea of how small thing are look at this picture:. Before matching starts, the T1 determines the peak power of the transmitted signal, then uses a elecrafft fraction of this value as a qualifier for SWR readings.

The assembly manual is very detailed. I was still putting out around 12 watts and made several qso’s.

The details are described in the T1 manual on page 8. This type of bridge is inherently balanced over a wide frequency range and requires no adjustment. Attached, please find a few picture of my solution. The connection to slecraft T1 is made using a 3. The IF command contains the frequency that the radio is tuned to. Elecraft recommends that a power of 2 to 5 watts is used for tuning, but the T1 will tune using as little as half a watt.


Radio amateur and SDR hacker during the night. Hope to make my first SOTA this weekend! A jewel of electronic device.

An envelope containing the revised instructions and new components plopped through the door the same morning as the kit arrived, saving me the task of having to modify the kit once built. It’s also worth bearing in mind that, because it uses the FT’s CAT port, you can’t use this adapter and eleecraft the radio to a computer at the same time.

Currently, this is only possible with the Yaesu FT transceiver and optional adapter, but Elecraft has provided information about the serial data protocol used, to allow interfaces for other low-power transceivers to be designed. The adapter is a great boon, allowing you to switch from band to band without tempting you to send a burst of spectrum-polluting RF to re-tune the antenna.

The T1 turns itself OFF after being idle for a few seconds and, since the T1 uses latch relays, the power consumption is really low.

Automatictuner Elecraft T1 ready built – QRP-Shop

The space is even elecrafg here than on the main board and one must pay special attention not to make any mistakes. They have been around for a long time but I just got around to getting one. I guess I’m getting lazy.

On the other hand, because of the pocket-sized design of this device, there is very little space and one must also be very careful when soldering. For power and SWR measurements the T1 uses a directional coupler. The capacitance can be switched to the transmitter input or the antenna output, giving a total of 32, different combinations, with a resolution of 0.


Symptoms checked included the bypass feature, excessive RF, eldcraft antennas, leads, battery etc.

Elecraft T1 Automatic Antenna Tuner

I went ahead and ordered another T1 assembled and I am hoping to be luckier this time. Open Design, No Secrets: Anyway, there should be no doubt that if you just follow the very good assembly guide step by step it will work out just fine. I was leary, at first, about laying out the money for this thing but now I’m glad I did. The band is sent to the T1 as a number between 0 and 12 by encoding the four bits and sending them via the tip of the connector.

A schematic for the interface is shown below. It is really important to not loosen the simple nut directly at the T1 enclosure, because you will have to open the enclosure to tighten it again. Embedded software engineer in the satcom industry during the day. I have had the T1 for over a week and so far it has tuned everything I’ve connected from end elecratf random wires to doublets. My 5W signal received good reports, suggesting that the power is being radiated by the antenna, not dissipated elecraf the tuner.

The T1 tuned to 1: