Advanced Controller/Programmer – Technology so Powerful it’s Simple. Series Controllers. Engineering Handbook. Part No HA Issue Aug 1. and Process Controllers. 1. CHAPTER 1 INSTALLATION. Eurotherm and Instrument Manuals & Brochures. Series Eurotherm Manuals. & Process Controllers Installation sheet ( HA

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Read our latest case studies and Successes. You might be interested in Back To Last Page. Eurotherm multi-loop controllers start with the dual loop models, ideal for controlling processes with two interactive variables, while the furotherm extends capacity up to 16 individual high accuracy PID loops.

Dual Loop Two independent PID loops make the ideal for interactive processes such as those found in carburizing furnaces, environmental chambers and autoclaves.

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The user is responsible for determining the suitability of this product. The loops may also be ‘soft’ wired together in creative ways to create cascade, ratio or other intelligent control strategies.

Customer support Technical helpdesk. Join us on Facebook. General info Description Specification Downloads.

A four-line message centre provides custom or standard views of important information to the user, while vertical and horizontal bar graphs eurotehrm visual indication of the process at a glance.

Please fill out the following fields and we will e-mail you a quotation shortly. This enables a dual loop to be used to control both carbon potential and temperature in an atmosphere controlled furnace. Customer support Technical helpdesk.


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Multi loop controllers are capable of small machine control with advanced features and options. The benefits of two-leg versus three leg power control, in three phase heating applications Download here. Setpoint Programmer Heat treatment and other processes often require the ability to change setpoints with time. Carbon Potential The calculates carbon potential eurothemr measuring both the oxygen concentration and temperature of a furnace using a zirconia probe.

Get the most from your process. Mechanical Details Cut-out dimensions Click to enlarge. Specialist function blocks, recipe selection, setpoint programmers, math, logic, timer functions and flexible communication options are just a few examples of what makes these instruments a key part of a euotherm process solution. To find out which temperature controller best fits your needs: New power knowledge white paper. Join us on Facebook. This includes input sensor type, measurement range, control options and alarms – making ‘Out of the Box’ operation truly achievable.

A total of sixteen eurotherj types, including relay, logic, triac and analogue, are available to fit into either three slots on or six slots on Using multi-loop over single-loop can save installation time and costs by giving you one common connection point with less wiring and panel cut outs. For even more advanced furotherm the nanodac adds recording to dual-loop control, making it an incredible value package for measurement, control and digital recording. A simple ‘QuickStart’ code is used to configure all the basic functions essential to controlling your process.


The dual loop has two programmers which can be configured as synchronized or independent programs. Ideal for automation applications: More advanced features are configured using a PC based graphical configuration tool enabling users to pick function blocks from a library then connect them together using soft wiring.

It is capable of being used solely to contr. The emphasis is on flexibility yet the controllers still maintain ease of use.

OEM security enables a user to protect their intellectual property by preventing unauthorized cloning of configuration. Stoichiometric Combustion Control using The is a fully programmable controller suitable for stoichiometric combustion control in glass applications.

The latest range of advanced process controllers from Eurotherm provide precision control of temperature and a host of other process variables together eudotherm an abundance of advanced options making it the most adaptable product in its class.