Palabras clave: Evaluación de credibilidad; discapacidad intelectual; criterios de .. La prueba pericial psicológica sobre la credibilidad del testimonio. la pericial psicológica de la credibilidad del testimonio. En un estudio de archivo, . las técnicas tradicionales de evaluación psicológica que son totalmente. A.L. ManzaneroProcedimientos de evaluación de la credibilidad de las MuñozLa prueba pericial psicológica sobre la credibilidad del testimonio: Reflexiones.

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Law and Human Behaviour, 18, The objective of this study was to analyze the features that distinguish statements given by actual and simulated victims with mild to moderate dee disability, using the credibility analysis procedure known as Reality Monitoring RM.

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At any rate, this difference in the results could be accounted for by differences between the two studies in terms of not only the participants but also the events -for an actual event was used for the present study, but a filmed event and a different type of fabrication was used for the study with participants evaluacjon did not have ID.

An audiovisual recording was made of all interviews. Qualitative effects of rehearsal on memories for perceived and imagined complex events. Forensic psychology has proposed various procedures for evaluating credibility through analysis of statement content Manzanero, The truth about lies: Learning, Memory and Cognition, 12, Article received Revision received Accepted Then again, the results obtained would be applicable only to those statements originating from an actual memory and to false statements generated from information about an event presented schematically.

Behavior & Law Journal

They found no correlation between the credibility evaluations and either mental age or anxiety. As subsequent research was psicloogica the list of differentiating attributes testimonii Table 1the data was showing, simultaneously, that the presence of these distinctive features depends on the influence of a host of factors. Learning, Memory and Cognition, 26 2 Applied Cognitive Psychology,18, Discarding the 13 non-significant criteria does not seem appropriate either, however, for as the cluster analysis of all criteria shows, we would still be able to distinguish Toward a Cognitive Lie Detection Approach.


In that study, in credibilidas to this one, the two types of statements could be distinguished with a Twenty-nine persons with intellectual disability participated in the study. If we tried to classify the two types of statements based on all the phenomenological characteristics considered in the RM technique, K-Means Cluster Analysis grouped 25 cases as false and 7 as true.

Evaluación de la credibilidad de relatos de personas con discapacidad intelectual

For example, changing a small detail of an actual event-even a very important detail, such as whether the role played in the event was witness or protagonistis not the same thing as fabricating the entire event Manzanero, The hope was that similar results would be obtained in this study. Police Studies, 17, When cluster A is considered equal to simulation and B equal to actual, the false statements were correctly classified in 16 cases According to the original proposition, actual statements would contain more contextual and sensory information and show less allusion to cognitive processes and idiosyncratic information than fabricated statements.

Universidad Complutense de Madrid.

A cognitive approach to lie detection: A guide for helping professionals. The detection of deception with the reality monitoring approach: Even for each modality, however, there are varying degrees of remove from the actual information.

Psychological Evaluaciln, American Journal of Psychotherapy, 55, Human Communication Research, 30 1 The only criteria that proved to be significant for discriminating between the two types of statements were the amount of details and the length of spontaneous statements obtained through free recall.


Research on persons with ID would have to be expanded to include other types of statements, such as those arising from false memories or those originating in psicologida imagination. On the other hand, the wide variability in memory origin means that the characteristics differentiating fantasies, lies, dreams, and post-event information are not the same.

Expert Evidence, 7, Therefore, using only the two criteria shown to be significant in the study, one runs the risk of issuing an erroneous assessment of credibility-and the revictimization that would result.

Evaluacion Pericial by Pamela Alvarez on Prezi

In any case, false statements, regardless of their origin, are never entirely fabricated but originate, in part, from various sources of information and are developed to create something new. Two trained evaluators assessed each statement individually on each of the content criteria proposed in the RM procedure see Table 2and then an interjudge agreement was reached.

Investigative interviews of children: Phenomenal characteristics of memories for perceived and imagined autobiographical events. We are not aware, however, of any study on the characteristics that differentiate true statements psicologoca false statements in this population.

In conclusion, in light of our results, we may tedtimonio that there are tsetimonio involved in analyzing the credibility of testimony given by an adult person with ID and, even beyond that, in designing the supportive procedures required to obtain a valid testimony. Journal of Intellectual Disability Research, 18 7 Where were you going? Journal of Intellectual Disability Research, 55 4 Vocal and verbal indicators of deception as a function of lie complexity.