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If you’re a First Premier credit cardholder and find that your available credit isn’t updating as it should, don’t worry. It’s a common concern, but in this article, we’ll delve into why this might happen and provide you with practical steps to address the issue.

Understanding Available Credit

Before we jump into the issue, let’s clarify what available credit means. Available credit is the amount of credit you have left to use on your credit card. It’s the difference between your credit limit and your current credit card balance. As you make purchases and payments, your available credit should naturally change.

Possible Reasons for Available Credit Not Updating

Several reasons could explain why your available credit isn’t updating correctly:

1. Pending Transactions

One common reason is pending transactions that haven’t been fully processed by the credit card issuer yet. Until these transactions are completed, your available credit won’t reflect the changes.

2. Payment Processing Time

If you recently made a payment toward your credit card balance, the processing time for that payment might cause a delay in updating your available credit. Electronic payments tend to be faster, while mailed checks can take longer to process.

3. Credit Reporting Timeframe

Credit card issuers usually file your account information to credit bureaus as soon as a month. If your to be had credit isn’t always updating, it might be due to the fact the credit bureau hasn’t obtained the up to date information yet.

4. Credit Limit Increase Delay

If you recently requested a credit limit increase and were approved, it could take some time for the update to reflect on your account.

5. Account in Default or Closed

If your credit card account is in default or has been closed due to non-payment or other issues, your available credit won’t update until the problem is resolved, and your account is back in good standing.

Steps to Resolve the Issue

If you’re facing the issue of your available credit not updating correctly, here are practical steps to help you resolve it:

1. Review Recent Transactions

Take a look at your recent transactions to see if there are any pending charges or transactions that haven’t been processed yet. Keeping track of your spending will ensure your available credit accurately reflects your current balance.

2. Verify Payment Status

If you made a recent payment, check its processing status. If it’s been more than a few business days since the payment, consider reaching out to the credit card issuer to inquire about the delay.

3. Contact Customer Support

If you believe you studied an errors or discrepancy together with your to be had credit score, don’t hesitate to contact First Premier Bank’s customer support. Explain the issue and offer any relevant details to assist them inspect and clear up the trouble right away.

4. Check Credit Limit Increase Status

If you requested a credit limit increase, verify its status with the credit card issuer. If it’s been approved, inquire when the update will reflect on your account.

5. Verify Account Status

Ensure your credit card account is in good standing and not in default or closed. If there are any issues, work closely with the credit card issuer to address and resolve them.


While a discrepancy in your available credit can be concerning, addressing the issue proactively is crucial. By understanding the potential reasons behind it and taking appropriate steps to resolve it, you can ensure your available credit remains accurate and up-to-date. Regularly monitoring your credit card transactions and staying in touch with customer support will help you maintain control over your credit and financial well-being.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

  1. Why is my available credit not updating on my First Premier credit card?
    • Several reasons, including pending transactions, payment processing time, credit reporting timeframe, or credit limit increase delays, could be causing this issue.
  2. How long does it typically take for available credit to update after making a payment?
    • The processing time for payments can vary, but it usually takes a few business days for available credit to update after a payment is made.
  3. Can I check my available credit online?
    • Yes, most credit card issuers offer online account access, where you can check your available credit and review recent transactions.
  4. What should I do if my available credit consistently doesn’t update correctly?
    • If the issue persists, contact First Premier Bank’s customer support to report the problem and seek assistance in resolving it.
  5. Can a credit limit increase affect my available credit?
    • Yes, a credit limit increase can positively impact your available credit by increasing the total amount of credit available to you.
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