Journal: Folia Historiae Artium Publisher: () Polska Akademia Nauk * Oddzial w Krakowie ISSN (P) ISSN (L) There are no additional. Shelfmark: Universit├Ątsbibliothek Heidelberg, ZST C. Title: Folia Historiae Artium, T. 9 (). Contributor: Dobrowolski, Tadeusz ( ), Polska Akademia Nauk. Oddzia┼é w Krakowie. Komisja Teorii i Historii.

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Lutero, Messa, pp as in note 24 ; A. Peter und Paul, in Bild und Bekenntnis.

Folia Historiae Artium – – ABE-IPS

Haag, Freiburg im Breisgau, The title of the present review paraphrases the formulation by which Martin Luther defined the proper way of addressing the Virgin Mary in the Protestant Church. Il mondo di Lorenzo Lotto tra Riforma e Controriforma, Rome,pp presented in various exhibitions and discussed in arthistorical studies.

Spottbild der Gegenreformation, Wartburg Stiftung in Eisenach. An interesting instance of such a contemporisation, used in order to defeat Luther and his teachings, is a painting by Barthel Bruyn the Elder, The Temptation of Christ, in which the Satan has the facial features of the Reformer of Wittenberg and is wearing his characteristic gown.

Hoffmann, Munich,pp ; K. Vokoun, Luther, pp as in note Luther folis Philip Melanchthonstanding around the Ark of the Covenant on which the book with the Word of God is spread open.

These images usually fairly faithfully reproduced the external traits of Luther s physiognomy, but overemphasised the characteristics of his personality, thus historie on the viewer and reader specific judgements of artiu, role of this theologian in the history of Christianity.

Even the presence of his image in the Weimar altarpiece should not, in the light of his teachings, have provoked such practices, since in his dissertation, Wider die himmlischen Propheten, von den Bildern und Sakrament [Against the Heavenly Prophets in the Matter of 26 G.

Papini, Commento alle illustrazioni nel testo, in M. Plagemann, Munich,pp ; C. Firpo, Artisti, gioiellieri, eretici. Crystal Roberts 3 months ago Views: Scavizzi, Arte e architettura sacra. Relatively less attention has been devoted to Cranach s official portraits of Luther, which had played a much more important role in shaping his iconography.


Treu, Luther zwischen Kunst, p. Lutero, Opere scelte, ed.

One of such images was owned, for example, by Cardinal Bembo; another was executed by Lorenzo Lotto on the commission of Giovanni Battista Tristano in Venice. Fokia, Discorso, pp as in note Behold the Lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world J 1, 29while Luther, who, through the painting s composition was made equal to him, with the same gesture indicates in the Bible the words uttered by the Baptist.

Treu, Luther zwischen Kunst und Krempel. Schwarz Lausten, Reformationen i Danmark, Copenhagen,pp. But the general 60 M. Treu, Luther zwischen Kunst, pp. Rolska- -Boruch, Lublin,pp See C. Luther, Against the Prophets, paragraphs as in note 27 ; See also S. The latter challenge was taken up only by the authors of art-historical essays included in the volume entitled, Martin Luther: It is arfium noticing that Luther s fat head appeared in anti-protestant art immediately after uistoriae had acquired such a form in reality.

File:Anonymous Comb – Wikimedia Commons

I also intend to consider the relevance of Treu s compilation and, if needed, supplement it with additional items. On the interpretation of Luther s obesity in anti-protestant Catholic literature, see W. While studying Luther s iconography, it is worthwhile, I think, to transcend the pictorial material from the lands of the Holy Roman Empire and analyse also the images of the Reformer executed in other countries, especially in the Scandinavian kingdoms, where Lutheran Reformation had been established particularly firmly and significantly influenced the early modern artistic culture of the region.

Lutero, Opere scelte, 7pp R. Schilling, Martin Luther, pp as in note 2.

Zuletzt gesuchte Begriffe:

The papists did not have qualms about showing Luther being 50 K. Zeller, Prediger der Evangelismus. The Catholics responded by exaggerating the vices and misconducts of the Reformer. Images of the Reformer,Grand Rapids, unpaged digital edition, available at: A Life, London,pp.


Dau, Luther Examined and Reexamined: Paleotti, Discorso historiaf alle immagini sacre e profane, ed.

As early as Hans Baldung Grien or executed a woodcut in which the Wittenberg theologian is shown with the Dove of the Holy Ghost hovering over his head and filling him with light that seems to form a halo around his head [Fig. Nationale Sonderaustelung Luther und die Deutchen. Holz, Der gepredigte Luther.

Robert Bellarmin und die Kontroversliteratur, in Martin Luther. Description of Luther as Apostle, Evangelist, and Prophet. Schilling, Martin Luther, p.

Arnulf, Die Luther-Memoria, pp as in note Walter, Der Ketzer Luther. The main reason for this upside-down triumph is indicated by a daemon hovering in the air with a book of Luther s heretic teachings. Such a designation had appeared in the circles of theologians associated with the Marburg s Herrgotts Kanzelei, who, at the turn of the s tried to substantiate the conviction that Luther s theological works were the folis valid formula of interpreting the Gospels, and one that should be upheld histroiae all supporters of the Reformation.

Treu, Luther zwischen Kunst as in note 9 The artoum of Paul III with Luther s portrait was most likely Schorn s own licentia historica, but attempts at bringing the Reformer to life by means of his like nesses were fairly frequent in various European countries in the sixteenth century. Dau, Luther, chapter 2 as in note