Vikki Wakefield talks about the process of writing her Young Adult novel, Friday Brown. wakefield. ‘They call me Friday. It has been foretold that. Friday Brown is the breathtaking second novel from the author of the award- winning All I Ever Wanted. Children’s Book Council of Australia Honour Book, Friday Brown [Vikki Wakefield] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

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So, I’ve read 40 books this year and this is my first 5-star read. A sense of place, crucial to all the characters, ensures the narrative is grounded and real. It has been foretold that on Saturday I will drown Yet, her struggle never prepared her for a life on the streets and to see Friday embrace the raw, hidden parts inside her to fend for herself in the city is an eye-opening journey.

I cannot not mention what I truly love about Vicki Wakefield’s work: There were ideas that arose as I wrote: But that was when we were in our early teens and the throes of dealing with a reticent and stubborn mother was the end of the world. Friday Brown Vikki Wakefield.

Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. I especially loved all of Fridays’ stories passed down from her mum. In her spare time she tries to paint, draw and play basketball. Everyone seems to love it. And Silence, who ultimately broke my heart. A mother who has told her stories about a curse that’s been in her family for generations.

Nevertheless, despite being such a fluid mesh of beautiful prose, scene after scene, and a vivid array of images, Friday Brown never lags in pace or allows your attention to wander. Never in one spot long enough to know anyone.

The Story of My Book: Vikki Wakefield on Friday Brown

Your basket is empty. It is Silence that makes the novel succeed for me and Silence is the reason I recommend it to you. I feared she would fall prey to the Manic pixie dream girl syndrome, and view spoiler [Arden hide spoiler ] barely avoided the trap.


Friday Brown was saved by Silence. After all, who is she without her mother, her constant companion, or the tales she weaves for her everyday? Having been swept along by the currents of life for as long as she can remember, Friday suddenly finds herself struggling to stay afloat, and alive.

Friday takes up residence with a group of other homeless teenagers after running into Silence at the train station. I wondered, how far could I pare back her character by taking away her mother, her past, her friend and her identity, viki to what extremes would she go to find herself?

Friday Brown by Vikki Wakefield

More books by this author. The themes in Friday Brown wakefielv about through the interaction between characters and the momentum of the story. A girl kissed me. And the duality of human nature—is there good and bad in all of us and is there a seminal point where we have to choose a side? I feel like nothing. Me, too I just have to read this.

She’s written in a way that’s so pain This is a beautiful, heartbreaking and ultimately life-affirming novel. After meeting Arden I was left unsettled and this feeling stayed with me over the course of the story. It is a slightly obscure novel, one that I found myself questioning while reading for it seemed to be moving in no direction and at times, when it did move, when I did expect certain climaxes, they never came.

It spoke to me on a personal level, and that’s why it deserves all the praise it can get.

She earned them, every one. Other editions of Friday Brown. Mim of All I Ever Wanted and Friday are both teenage girls who question and redefine themselves — Mim through the challenging of her rigid system of rules, Friday through the stripping away of everything she believes has given her life context.


Friday Brown is a very bittersweet and heartbreaking book, with hope sprinkled here and there. I need to talk about it. Dreamy nights sleeping by the campfire and waking up covered in fine ash, as if I’d slept through a nuclear holocaust. I am not being melodramatic, okay, maybe slightly, fridya still. Wakefield’s sophomore novel is the unraveling tale of Friday Brown, a seventeen-year-old girl who has grown up with her mother, Vivienne, her life a tapestry of stories of past generations and her wakeield day a new adventure, a new town, a new face.

And reigning over all these lost boys and girls is Arden, a veritable Peter Pan Amazonian with dreadlocks and a vengeful tattoo. This review and many more can be found at Maree’s Musings. I strongly related to Friday, who is at a crossroads in her life. This book, you guys, this book. Mercurycode Judging from the book I wakefielld doubt it since the Friday only expresses romantic interest in male characters. My life has been told to me through campfire tales – stories that spill over when the fire has burnt low and silence must be filled.

His smile reminds Friday, for the first time since her mother died, that people can connect again.

Praise for Vikki Wakefield and Friday Brown. So, now when Friday runs away, I expect a reason that cuts deep enough to overthrow my existing sense of reason, which this book didn’t exactly give me.

Send me fikki note. Her characters are so vivid and endearing, or vicious and infuriating that she makes you feel everything down to your bones. Some of them she likes right away, others are more trying. View all 12 wakefeild.