‘Galaktika has agreed to pay each author whose work it infringed for the publisher of Galaktika, a Hungarian science fiction magazine. Phone, Suggest a phone number Galaktika Poetike ATUNIS Magazine, Brussels, Belgium. 2 likes. Posts about Galaktika Poetike ATUNIS Magazine. Phone, Suggest a phone number Galaktika. likes. Galaktika was a science fiction magazine of Hungary, published between and The peak of copies was very high.

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The editors of Strange Horizons galaktoka already demanded to make those editions inaccessible, which have stolen material from their authors; so far these demands have not been answered.

There is one paragraph though, which was omitted in the Hungarian version: Such practices do not exist legally, even in such cases the publisher is required to request permission.

A thousand years of Hungarian science fiction, “. Three out of these six can be accessed for free on the internet.

Two stories in Galaktika

Let us quote that from the mail the author mahazine from Galaktika: Why Western liberals misunderstand Hungary. Timothy Garton Ash The Guardian. However, while I was preparing for the interview, my eye caught the following.

The existing stereotypes about passive, home-bound, religious Muslim women will certainly undergo a fundamental transformation now. Therefore, after sifting through the March edition of Galaktika, we have reached the astounding conclusion, that of the five authors published in the magazine, not a single one was informed of the publication; they had not consented, nor were they given royalty in exchange.

After the correspondence, we were contacted by Thomas M. A Russian sorceress who hunts fugitive Nazi mages in South America discovers that she has a far larger destiny than her late master led her to believe.


Both Smith and Swirsky confirmed that neither were aware of their works being reprinted, in fact the latter was even surprised that her work was viewed as science-fiction. Carlson contacted the magazine after our article in March; however he has only since received a promise. Turning back magaznie boats saves lives The conclusion from the Australian experience is that those who benefit most from tough border protection are the immigrants who come here fairly and legally.

Hugo award winning science fiction author Ann Leckie has blasted a Hungarian sci-fi magazine for translating short stories and publishing them without paying the authors.

Galaktika Poetike ATUNIS Magazine

An extra-ordinary example of the first practice can be found when the magazine reprinted a number of tiny stories written by popular authors and located on the website of Popular Science. If you are an author wondering if your work was published in Galaktika without your consent, you sould also check your name in Galaktika’s online bibliography. After sifting through 12 years of Galatika, we can establish a number of things.

Quotas would spread terrorism across Europe The like of this has never happened before. Some of the galaktija have also contained black-and-white versions of comic books such as Conan The Barbarian and The Adventures of Funky Koval. Before the interview with the heads of Galaktika, I began researching the magazine, which is maggazine I discovered the Foreign Market List by Doug Smith ; he listed a number of foreign publication opportunities for SF authors and labelled the papers in each country according to how they handle submitted pieces.

Authors Guild and SFWA Reach Agreement with Galaktika Magazine on Infringement Claims – SFWA

After the complaints from the two authors, we researched the other articles in the March edition. We have not yet received a response from any of these sources.


The accusations against Central Europe are both false and hypocritical. Sawyer, Theodore Sturgeon, and Jane Yolen were all reprinted without permission. There were also a number of publications, which did not fit these categories but in which cases these authors were also oblivious to the publications.

This article is the translated version of the original Hungarian one. After being contacted, magazind agencies, estates and publishers of several high-profile authors, including Terry Pratchett, George RR Martin, Robert Heinlein, Kim Stanley Robinson and Connie Willis told Mandiner that they had not given permission for the reprinting of their works.

Waldroon, authors of the short stories published in March, have already contacted the publisher with regards to royalties.

A newer publication with the same name has been published since that is known for its practice of translating and galaktikka works without obtaining the permission of the authors and without paying them. Out of all those authors we contacted, it was those who appeared in the editions that were first contacted by the publisher.

Galaktika refused to pay him, because his short story was reprinted more than five years ago. Fadz Johanabas was similarly astonished that his work — originally published in Australia — was translated. Waldron has the following to say about the incident: