di Tobia Gorrio ; musica di A. Ponchielli. (Statement Of Responsibility). U.S. RISM Libretto Project. Legal notice–p. 2; printed price “Prezzo netto una lira”–front. Sheet Music – £ – Amilcare Ponchielli – La Gioconda (Libretto). Sheet Music – £ – Amilcare Ponchielli – La Gioconda Libretto (Italian/English).

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Wait that I may speak Laura takes the rosary; Cieca extends her hands to bless Laura, who starts to kneel, but Alvise prevents her. Enzo waits for Barnaba to row Laura out from the city to his vessel.

There, nobleman of Venice, Be gracious host to your guests. Oibretto soul, Strengthen your divine powers! If I cry and live, Why tell me: Each act of La Gioconda has a title. See that blind woman The bells of St. Everyone prostrates himself, except Gioconda who is leaning on Cieca.

First performed inLa Gioconda was a major success for Ponchielli, as well as the most successful new Italian opera between Verdi’s Aida and Otello My name is Revenge. Hear the soothing Songs wandering.

I’ll watch Alone on the deck for enemy fleets. Enter lords, ladies, dancers and singers. ENZO You lie, o cruel one! Come that I may see your face. Ponchielli revised the work several times; the version that is played today was first given in Today I have you in my hand. Glory of this and future ages; Your wicked cruelty Is built on two tortures. He enters the giiconda chamber, then returns. You see what passion and what Faith drew me to such a daring step!


The ballet was parodied in Walt Disney ‘s classic Fantasia. The dancers of the morning are represented by Madame Upanova and her ostriches. I have found again the angel of heavenly love. Finding Laura alone Gioconda replaces the phial of poison with a powerful drug which creates the appearance of death. What is that light! Barnaba is leaning against a column with a guitar slung around his neck. Love her and catch her In my libreetto web!

La Gioconda (opera) – Wikipedia

Agonizing, Brief are the moments Gioconda runs out after Enzo who giocondz being dragged away by guards. Who laughs is strong. It uses the main theme of the ballet as its melody.

ENZO And you be cursed! Barnaba opens the door and meets Gioconda as she is about to flee.

There is no love around you That is equal to my love. She decants Alvise’s poison into the vial of the narcotic, then rushes out. La Gioconda has been following Laura with the intention of exacting revenge from her rival.


La Gioconda (Libretto)

I have kept my word, and not betrayed you. This is the same source as Gaetano Rossi had used for his libretto for Mercadante ‘s Il giuramento in libretto For, to have you on my heart I will scoff at pitiless fate. Already I palpitate And quake under love’s beam! When it is gone, in the dark we shall Weigh anchor – with sails in the wind, And kisses on our brows. And we’ll make one woe of our two!

Of a giovonda unknown It is the faithful echo. The opera had its American premiere at the Metropolitan Opera on 20 December Enter Gioconda, and Enzo, dressed as a Dalmatian sailor. It is the song of your destiny. It’s she who saved my life. I have you and suddenly this arid heart Is flooded with joy! Tell me where you are hiding My pale-cheeked angel. She loves you no more!

What a frightening banquet!