GNLD Super Gro The Wonderful Natural Liquid Fertilizer Super Gro, as the name suggests, is the most wonderful natural liquid fertilizer ever. Super Gro is a natural liquid fertilizer which was developed to ensure the enhancement of your crops and agricultural productivity both in. GNLD’s Super Gro, Super 10 Wonder Drops for % Harvests A Special Formula for Plants, Animals, Lawns, and Gardens GNLD Super Gro.

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Online Agribusiness Training Portal

Zuper Agribusiness Training Portal. If a crop has a maturation period of 90 days,from which stage is supergo applied, ie beginning and ending?? Well,which catigory YES not four leged animals BUT in poutry production to get read of diseases and also in Fish production to fertilise the fish pond and promotes the groth of phyprankton responsible for oxygen fixation in water,to have clean and to have uniform grow of fish.

In tomatoes you spray then it will be absorbed via the leaves as folier feed. July gnkd, at 7: February 20, at 8: March 9, at 5: If you use chemicals herbicides to weed, allow the effect of the chemical to wear gnkd before applying Super Gro. It is user-friendly, environment-friendly and nature-friendly. Notify me of new posts via email. You spray once every 14 days and you mix 1 part of Supergro with parts of water simply: Hi, is super gro sprayed on the leaves,stems, or flowers,or mixed with water for irrigation i.

July 17, at 7: In the Fish ponds, it boosts the growth of the micro plants that serve as Fish food the algae. Super Gro usper GNLD helps you make the most use of water – water, one of the basic fundamentals of life itself – supdr without water’s life giving force, no living organism can survive, let alone grow. Hi, I have clay soil and I am battling to get my plants growing especially in this drought we are having.



Acts as a sticker on plants; has internal ability to absorb solar energy; to the plant for efficient and maximum production. Bearing this in mind, it therefore, becomes much essential that we all should also be much concerned about improving the quantity and quality of water to ensure its most efficient use.

Because crops and plants depend so much on water, Super Gro is meant to improve the quality and quantity of water as required by these crops and plants for wonderful growth and production by adding the essential nutrients they require for that purpose. You mix using the recommended ratio of SG to water 1: May 11, at 8: Do not wait to reply, please. You mix your fertiliser as usual.

Facts about Super Gro

I have learned a lot. Crop intended for use tomatoes and pepper. You are commenting using your Twitter account. Put clear fresh water and leave for 5 to 7 days before stocking your fish inside the pond.

August 8, at 3: It has been a wonderful experience for the users of these fantastic products. Thanks a lot for your response.

Super Gro: Plant Fertilizer

As our global population grows, water will become an even greater concern to everyone because of its importance in our daily life most especially for the production of food. Nigeria Crop Intended for Super Gro: December 25, at Super Gro is a product of GNLD, a company that specializes in natural and nutritional health products for human and plants. December 31, at 9: Hi Peter You apply super gro by spraying or sprinkling depending on which crops you are applying for and the field size.


October 11, at 7: Hi Danson Sorry you have difficulties explaining to customers who insist to know the composition of Super Gro so that they can buy. As dispersing agents, to reduce adhesion between particles of chemicals, so they will spread and remain in solution longer. For cash crops like cocoa, rubber, kola-nut, orange, etc, you need to use boom sprayer because you need more pressure to get the Super Gro into the su;er and plants.

This is one of the reasons why agricultural industry must not underestimate the constant suped of this wonderful product – Super Gro. Click here for more information on our Returns Policy. Hi Oladede You can apply super gro to peppers yes. Email required Address never made public.

We have sent you an e-mail with details on how to register as a Member and how to get the products Regards HLK. September 10, at Biodegradable – leaves no harmful residue on the products of the crops and plants. March 11, at 2: It is absolutely cost effective. Would love to buy some and try it out but dont know where to find this Super gro.