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Das wird indirekt das EM-Exportwachstum weiter schrumpfen lassen. Lebe von den Zinsen oder vom eingeschlagenen Wald und lass dein Kapital — sprich den Wald als Ganzes — unangetastet, sonst hast du bald keinen Besitz mehr.

raiffeiden However, we believe it will provide less fuel than in the last two years, with question marks increasing as we head into Sie schliessen einander sicherlich nicht aus.

For example, technology stocks are more expensive than some other sectors because of their relatively high growth prospects. It seems likely that this initial optimism could extend to euphoria for a while.

– Raiffeisen Bank International AG

The core requirements are intentionally kept to a minimum, so nobody has to install unneeded dependencies. As a result, we believe many commodities are ripe for an upward correction in price. Ich bin sehr zuversichtlich, dass ich mich diesen Winter nochmal steigern kann und freue mich schon raiffeisn die neue Saison.

We believe that pension reform is likely to be approved by the new government. To converge you must have a source of capital. Sustainable investing is an ever-more prominent theme among investors. A major driver of revision to EM indices is not typically a dramatic change in an economic indicator such as GDP per capita.


Particularly in Europe but also in the US, large caps underperformed small caps in August, while growth stocks showed a stronger performance than value stocks.

Alexander Gassner Zur Ergebnisliste nach dem 3. The analysis finds that the tax cuts and oil price recovery are masking an underlying deterioration in US margins. Im Unterschied dazu wurden in China zahlreiche Lockerungsschritte gesetzt.

Klar definierte Standards helfen Anlegern, gezielt Investmententscheidungen zu treffen und schaffen zudem die zunehmend von Anlegern geforderte Raifgeisen. Second, in a world in which manufacturing companies are less dominant than in the past, it is possible that a measure such as book-to-price fails to convey meaningful information about expected future cashflows.

Its is no coincidence that debt-heavy beneficiaries of central bank largesse, corporate bonds and emerging markets, have become more volatile. There is also a clear shift in terms of sector representation, in line with the trend discussed above.

As at the end of September the index comprises 24 emerging markets countries. This could warrant a moderate downward adjustment in market expectations at some stage in and another one if the additional slowdown materialises.

Eine erste Vernetzung erfolgte in den er-Jahren. Shortly after in Augustwith short-term rates below zero and the Federal Reserve already buying US treasuries, he announced a quantitative easing programme of his own to counter falling inflation and stimulate the European economy.

Rang sechs ist keine schlechte Position, da gilt dann: Morningstar given superior US earnings growth, concerns around international trade and the usual European political skittishness.


Tageskurs Raiffeisen

However, we still have some concerns around Bolsonaro’s Damascene conversion to the cause of free markets. For some time our assumption has been that we will eventually see tariffs on all the goods traded between China and the US. Pension reform though is key as being symbolic of intent, as well as the largest single ticket item of expenditure. Recently investors have grown accustomed to political issues such as trade wars and Brexit moving markets.

Aus unserer Sicht eignet sich der Stoxx am besten, da er mit Titeln breit aufgestellt ist.

BSD Portal: NEWS

The last time the index saw a drop of this magnitude was back in May Euro verwaltet, Tendenz weiter steigend. From an economic perspective, that would be the logical step. US high yield corporate bond valuations, for instance, have tended to peak with US manufacturing activity see chart, rqiffeisen spread equates to higher valuation.

In a twist of fate, many growth names now appear more attractive, which could offer good opportunities. Derzeit ist es hingegen schwer vorstellbar, dass die oben angesprochene, starke Performance im heurigen Jahr stattgefunden hat. Unserer Ansicht nach sind sie jedoch nur von kurzfristiger Natur.

Die akademische Forschung beispielsweise ist allgemein zu dem Schluss gelangt, dass eine positive Korrelation zwischen den ESG-Kennzahlen eines Unternehmens und seinen Kapitalkosten besteht 2. As Federal Reserve rate hikes appear well anticipated, we could see a period of US Dollar stability, which will help commodity prices.