Vitals is the latest in a long line of solid science fiction novels from Seattle native Greg Bear. It’s not as strong a book as Darwin’s Radio, which deservedly picked. Vitals [Greg Bear] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Blending fierce, fast plots with vivid characters and mind-bending ideas, Greg Bear has. The novel ‘Vitals’ by Greg Bear was published for the first time in Hal Cousins ​​is a scientist who is working on biotechnology related to.

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Hal Cousins is one of a handful of scientists nearing the most sought after discovery in human history: The rest of the crew is distant from him, on the grounds of what he calls bad mojo.

The concept of bacterial cooperation, however, is firmly established in scientific papers and books, including Bacteria as Multicellular Organismsvvitals by James A.

This is a thriller set in a slightly more capable present-day setting.

Is Golokhov still alive? Still, this will not hinder me from picking up his other works. Here’s a novel that has affected how I perceive the world around me, including everything from the grocery store to the wetness around my cat’s nose to the nightly news.

Whatever it is, consider this quote from the editorial of the ber issue: Enough, lest I give something away. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. But it’s not demons, it’s flesh-and-blood people doing the unimaginable, then recording it like you and I balancing our check-books.

Greg Bear, Vitals

Oct 01, Chuck Smith rated it it was ok. Plus it had an interesting take on early Soviet era politics. It’s the 1st issue. However, midway the bdar starts to rotate the central character, and although this is a vehicle to accelerate the plot an I’ve been a fan of Bear for a while, but Quantico failed to engage me, and unfortunately Vitals left me cold about half way through. The rest of this review has been withdrawn due to gre changes in Goodreads policy and enforcement.


Biology is a major theme in Bear’s work, and bacteria and bacterial intelligence played a central role in his novel Blood Music as well.

He is disowned by the sponsor in question. Hal finds his Vendobionts, but as the sphere carrying him and his pilot ascends toward the surface, the pilot inexplicably attacks Hal, then the sphere. Failed the hundred page rule. The story develops from there, taking in his twin vitalw widow, Lissa; Rudy Banning, a once respected professor and writer turned into an anti-semitic conspiracy theorist by a brain-altering microbe; and a scheming group of immortals who want to stay unique.

The scientist, Hal Cousins, goes to a billionaire to try to get funding: Imagine being that 1 vvitals 8 billion. As a huge fan of Greg Bear’s various wonders of the universe, but I found this beat be very dull and disappointing. Published April 1st by Ballantine Books first published The characterization in the novel is weak.


His wealthy backer dumps him, and his twin brother Rob, also a biology researcher, turns up dead. As Hal uncovers more of the truth, he wonders if he is paranoid as he sees Silk operatives in bdar including his brother’s widow and wonders why Silk wants to stop him from developing vitala immortality elixir? However, midway the story starts to rotate the central character, and although this is a vehicle to accelerate the plot and offer anther angle, it created a disjointed approach.

However, on a fact-finding exploration in a small submarine, his pilot goes berserk, starts spouting gibberish, and tries to kill him. I’ll take the non-racist version of the Black Panthers over the FBI anyday – even if they ‘lack’ the technology. Mar 31, Guru rated it it was ok.


The single most interesting thought I picked up from this novel was this: His twin brother, Rob, who was also working on the same research, is murdered. Greg Bear is one of the world’s leading hard SF authors. Return to Book Page. I love science fiction that is grounded in biology, and Greg Bear has some vitalz biology-driven novels: If I could give this book 5.


Presumably, “J” is Bear’s fiction. Who are these people?

Unfortunately, it failed to stop or at least reign itself in somewhere within the realm of possibility, and instead went completely off the deep end. Lists with This Book. And first person doesn’t do it for me anymore.

Vitals Book Summary and Study Guide

While the science pieces are beear intriguing, the thriller plot falls flat on its face. VITALS is a powerful science fiction thriller that never slows down whether the tale is in a bathysphere on the ocean floor or in a lab. This is because they discovered it back in Stalin day and since then they have been beag some specific Microbes in pretty much everyone’s bodies via food and drink. Jun 26, Spencer rated it did not like it Recommends grwg for: Sure, the book is about biologically induced paranoia and unreliable behavior, so there’s some plot justification for everybody being untrustworthy, but the female characters were really bad.

To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. To ask other readers questions about Vitalsplease sign up. Given that the Wikipedia article states that a central premise of the bk is that “Intelligence is one of, if not the most, important factors correlated to economic, social, and overall success in the United States, and its importance is increasing.

What disheartened me was how Bear tried ivtals put in so many great ideas, but left them behind as he tried to shift from being a really-good-sci-fi-book to a lousy-thriller-trash. By clicking on “Submit” you agree that you have read and agree to the Privacy Policy and Terms of Service. However, this was not my first Bear novel, so I know there is more than what is immediately obvious.

This review has been hidden bbear it contains spoilers.