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Results – Polls – Votes: Poll of month Who deserve to be stabbed in first at The Hackademy? We were already publishing two French magazines dedicated to IT security and had just launched the Thank you for your patience Hi!

La Nuit du Hack! Hakcademy newest registered user is progz.

My work included the design and creation of all of the materials templates etc. Single Edit Column Edit.

Last Edition Be safe on the internet Ethical Hacking and Security The idea of an English version of our journal took root two years ago. I am Xdream the superstar hacker who show on TV for announcing my Phishing sk1lls! Further issues will be released in a more regular basis. You can also give directly your money to us.

At the same time, participants got to know their fellow team-members better as they ran through hackaddemy lean innovation process together. We have registered users.


The Hackademy Journal

Join us on our forumor on the chat. Last Blogs rasta bunnyrabitt artyc virtualabs phara0nz solo billydub dvrasp Alias Shimo. I hackadmy moderated the 2-day event with a focus on creating a learning format with space for networking, exchange and fun. For years, the Hackademy works with the hacker’s community in most french speaking countries.

The hackademy now exists in English!! Consulting, format mxgazine, moderation, implementation Resources: In my hands, stupid useless code becomes elite private 0day! To learn about lean innovation, participants were guided by innovation coaches and mentors digital industry experts and ran through the iterative innovation processes involved incl. I developed the Lean Innovation Bootcamp format and acted as consultant to the event organizers.

We will ensure that subscribers assholes who cannot use google receive the number of issues they ordered four issues per year of subscription. The Revolution For years, the Hackademy works with the hacker’s community in most french speaking countries. Ethical Hacking and Security The idea of an English version of our journal took root two years ago.

At the HackAdemy participants learned how to apply lean innovation methods by working on real digital industry challenges. We will ensure that all subscribers get owned and later rm’ed Hey, my name is CladStrife and I am owned, smile!

Event Experience Design Platform Initiative. For those who are not aware of who we are, have a look at our history. Click here for access. The StarHackademy 0wners are Hacked Forum Our users have posted a total of articles and topics.


For the first time since its beginnings, the website of The Hackademy comes in international version on a new Open Source platform.

Claudia Brückner › HACKADEMY

Or if you dont want to buy our journal In order, Arctyc, Crashfr, Dvrasp editor in chief, yeppe!! You can imagine we have many magazne to translate: Assembling Mag Discover the new Assembling Mag!!

Release of the new version of The Hackademy Web. Over a 2-day period, participants got to know the lean innovation process and gained inspiring insights into different business sectors and leading organizations. We want to give tools and knowledge to let everyone understand what IT security means from the Hackers point of view.

During the HackAdemy, participants were able to get to know business representatives from within the industry and gain a deeper insight by discussing real industry challenges instead of merely networking at an anonymous job-fair.