Sealed linear encoders from HEIDENHAIN are protected from dust, chips & splash fluids and are ideal for operation on machine tools. HEIDENHAIN linear encoder reference LS ML mm for sale online on Cnc -shopping webstore. The length of this HEIDENHAIN linear. Heidenhain LS scale, this scale is used and tested. The lenght of this scale LS is mm. This part is in stock and ready to be shipped. All of our scales.

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By closing this banner, scrolling this page, clicking a link or continuing to browse otherwise, you agree to the use of cookies. Then I dried off the inside of the scale assembly using a “puffer” meant for blowing dust off camera heidenhajn. Last Jump to page: Your cart is empty. You have the option to buy a product that is much cheaper than the new or refurbished version of the product and save money while benefitting from a product that is worthy of the quality of the Cnc-Shopping Intl.

Heidenhain LS and LS Manual |

Keep us posted Is there any place that has an interchange list between scales and readouts for Heidenhain? Or is it not important to clean out this area thoroughly?


Unknown delivery time – expected delivery date sent by email after order. Hi Andy, Yes, that’s the same power connector that I have. It comes with a medium to long-term warranty.

Repairing Heindenhain VRZ B + LS scales

As far as I know this attachment is not common here. Login to Your Account.

Total of my order: Warranty – factory return The product Heidenhain LS Heidennain mm Incremental Scale is under warranty for a workshop return, where a repair will be carried out or a replacement provided, throughout its entire contractual period Subject to conditions.

The mounting hardware is machined and blued, with fiduciary dowel pins.

The problem turned out to be with the 12 volt regulated output: The regulator is supplying mA of current, and has an 8 volt drop across it. They also agree very closely with the lead-screws, with a maximum deviation of about 0. I have a box of the Micky Mouse shaped ones and the other C13 ones already.

Sealed linear encoders

For motivation and to be sure I was on the right track, I reassembled this and tested it with the display: Total of my order: Only parts that are deemed to be repairable can be replaced.

They are two degree signals set 90 degree out of phase “quadrature signals”so swapping them should reverse the direction of the counter.


Out of stock – currently unavailable. However swapping the signals should work.

The scales appear to work perfectly. However since the Z-clamp doesn’t work very well anyway, this is a minor loss. While it would heidwnhain very easy to do, I don’t think it is needed. Here is the tool showing how one can open the crimped slot.

One thing that give me some confidence is the following test. Since an absolute reference is required to ascertain positions, the scales or scale tapes are provided with an additional track that bears a reference mark. Hi Ross, Thanks for chiming in! Heidenhain LS Scale mm.

I think that the time I heidnehain fixing the system was probably less than it would have taken me to make up equivalently solid mounting blocks and covers and wiring conduits, and the cost was essentially zero.

Then I turned my attention to the glass scales all are LS Is that a common plug in Germany?