The Hekhalot and Merkavah Literature and Its Mystical Tradition. Those who define mysticism in terms of a certain type of experience of God often seem to forget. Heikhalot Literature. Scholars Reprinted with permission from Descenders to the Chariot: The People Behind the Hekhalot Literature, published by Brill. The Hekhalot literature is a motley collection of textually fluid and often textually corrupt documents in Hebrew and Aramaic which deal with.

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And at the age of seven months and ten days he shall become sick and shall be in hot water. He was oiterature to his six “Grandfathers,” the Powers of the World the spirits of the four cardinal points, the sky, and the earth who came to him in the form of horses.

The emphasis in the Merkavah Rabba is also on the individual, although it does speak of revealing the secrets of Sar Torah theurgy “to all Israel” paras.

He is in He and His name is in His name.

Ishmael that the situation was well in hand. Nehuniah’s instructions to the academy in the Hekhalot Rabbati.

Great question, I anticipate the answer as well. Whether this is because Metatron had his roots in Second Temple traditions about Enoch or because the theurgic elements have been deliberately purged from 3 Enoch, or perhaps for both reasons, is open to discussion. Let him immerse with twenty-four immersions. The quotation liferature from p. Larry Hurtado literatyre argued that Christianity arose from a “mutation” within Judaism that led to the treatment of Jesus as an object of worship and devotion.

This text combines a Hekhalot vision with physiognomic and astrological speculation. In the sixth he entered as a skeleton and was “forged” into a shaman. And three lines in hekhakot form of crowns are on his forehead and the middle one is broken into three, and they are wide lines.


geography – What’s the history of Hekhalot/Heichalot/Heikhalot literature? – Mi Yodeya

The voice of the third: Near the end of the Hekhalot Rabbati we are given a set of songs that are recited daily by the throne of glory, which the descender to the chariot should also sing paras. These results also indicate that both anthropological approaches to intermediation between the human and divine worlds and further study of the Hekhalot literature may give us new tools to help unlock the secrets of divine mediator traditions in antiquity. However, the term “mysticism” seems to me to be something of a misnomer when applied to the esotericism found in the Hekhalot literature.

Only Metatron in hekhakot Enoch was friendly and did not need to be controlled through magic.

Hekhalot Literature

Other similar texts are: Indeed, it is difficult to be certain whether to define the Sar Panim as a Hekhalot or a magical document. The Hekhalot literature gives us enough extra information for our anthropological analysis to suggest that, at least for the descenders to the chariot, this transformation should be set in the context of shamanic initiatory disintegration and reintegration, and thus theoretically ought to be available on some level to many or all members of the esoteric group that transmitted the traditions.

After his intiatory transformation he was returned to earth. Many articles refer to the Rabbis of Israel, other to the Byzantine area, and others to Bavel.

Ishmael how he ascended through the seven palaces and saw what was above the heads of the seraphim who stand above the head of God.

University of St Andrews. Afterward let him adjure every single one of them by the seal. Ishmael by the angel Suriah as in the Hekhalot literatureit describes the outward physical characteristics that indicate to the initiated whether a person is righteous or wicked and what that person’s fate shall be. Many other passages deal with the control of angels, but these are representative. Here’s a bibliography from a Bar-Ilan course: It would seem to follow logically that the community behind the Hekhalot texts was at least closely related, and probably overlapped with, the community that produced the Jewish magical texts.


But they also developed a strain of magical praxis that from an anthropological perspective is closer to shamanism than anything else. Eight angels guarding the gate of each palace must be shown the proper seal i.

The same constellation of elements appears in a rather baroque form in Sar Panim paras. The main text, Hekhalot Rabbatai can be found translated online with notes as to where to find printed Hebrew editions the most often cited sefer is batei midrashot by Wertheimer.

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Igjugarjuk, a Caribou Inuit shaman, claims to have been isolated by his mentor in a small snow hut where he fasted and meditated in the cold, drinking only a little water twice, for thirty days. In this vision the prince of Torah, at the behest of R. Nick was one of the eleven spiritual “grandfathers” of Wallace Black Elk, who was groomed to hekhalor a shaman from childhood in accordance with a prophecy of nineteen generations before Wallace Black Elk and William S.

The citation “para s. The rhetorical elements that are standard for Geniza incantations also appear in the Hekhalot literature. The magic texts were made to be used; if the Hekhalot literature was produced in a similar context, it becomes very difficult to deny that it was used as well.

As soon as R. Who is like You, magnificent on high?