How Many Times Does Facetime Ring if You’re Blocked


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How Many Times Does Facetime Ring if You're Blocked

When you block someone on iPhone, your phone simply take it as you don’t won’t to that person to contact you in any way be it calls, text messages or even facetime.

However, blocking someone on iPhone can’t prevent them to contact you on third party apps such as WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, etc

But, what does it looks at the other person’s end whose number you have blocked on the iPhone? and will facetime ring if someone blocked you?

If you are not sure what happens when you block someone on iPhone, and how many time the facetime ring; Let’s find out;

How Many Times Does Facetime Ring if You’re Blocked

The answer to our question; how many times does facetime ring if you’re blocked? is forever. The other person will keep on hearing the ringing tone without any answer. If i am not writing the person will hear 11 rings and then the call automatically disconnects.

However, nothing will happen at your end because you have blocked the person and you won’t know that your are getting a call from a blocked contact.

One thing to note here is that if you are counting the number of rings to guess if some has blocked you or not. Then i hate to tell you my friend. That’s not how it work.

Sometime if the person is busy and couldn’t pick your for any reason then also then facetime call rings for 11 time. So, you can’t rely on call ring count.

How to know if someone blocked you on Facetime

If you are trying but your facetime calls not going through. Here are a couple of things that you can try and based on that you can guess if you are blocked or not.

  • FaceTime calls are ending unanswered
  • Call not getting through
  • iMessage not getting delivered

Let’s study each point in more details.

How To Know If You Have Been Blocked On Facetime

FaceTime calls are ending unanswered

If you call someone on FaceTime and the call is getting disconnected automatically after certain number of rings, It may likely that you are blocked by the person whom you are trying to reach on facetime.

But, that not the confirmation. Also, check with remaining options to make sure that your doubt is correct or not.

Because some time there are cases where the other person unable to pick the call due to some urgent work or the iPhone is on silent.

iMessage not getting delivered

It is very common that if a person is blocked on Facetime, it also affect iMessage and text messages.

If someone is not responding to your calls on facetime or your calls getting over with being answered. Then, Try to send an iMessage and see if it is delivered.

If the iMessage shows “Delivered”, if means the message is delivered successfully.

If the iMessage failed to deliver and is not displaying “Delivered” message, then it is highly likely that you have been blocked by the recipient on facetime on his / her iPhone.

Call not getting through

Last but most effective way to make sure if check you are blocked by someone of the Facetime or not.

First, check if you are getting proper cellular reception.

Now, try to make a normal call to the other person

Try calling the person through cellular network. If your call is redirected to voice mail and it show “User Busy”, then you can be sure that you have been blocked by other user on Facetime

Note: Try to keep a gap of around 1 hour or something before trying next method to make sure that person is not busy somewhere else.

apart from above mentioned methods, there are few more small things that you can check.

Basically, if you block someone of Facetime or iMessage, You have blocked them from all native iPhone features including location sharing.

And, if you are sharing your location with someone previously and blocked them they can’t see your location even though you can still see that person’s location.

So, here are all the small things that you can check to make sure if you are blocked on facetime or not.

Will FaceTime Ring if Blocked?

Another common asked by iPhone users is; will facetime go through if blocked. No, FaceTime will not ring at recipient’s side. However the person who is doing the FaceTime call will hear continuous ringing until the call reaches maximum rings allowed and ends automatically.

Opposite to normal call which get redirects to voice mail or show that the user is busy is blocked by the recipient.

But Facetime does not works like that. it does not show or notify if the user is blocked by the someone and the FaceTime call keep in ringing until it ends automatically.

If I’m Blocked Can I Still FaceTime?

if you are thinking, can you facetime a blocked number? No, once blocked you cannot Facetime with the person who has blocked you.

however, there are other modes through which you call call them like WhatsApp, Instagram, etc.

How to facetime someone who blocked you

If you want to call someone who blocked you on facetime, then, you have to buy a new sim or change your number to again call that person on facetime.

What Happens When You Facetime Someone Who Blocked You?

All calls made on Facetime will not go through. Even if the person will hear that the facetime is ringing but on recipient side, there wont be any indication on their phone.

As long as the person keeps you in the blocked list, you won’t be able to call them on Facetime.

Once annoying thing, I noticed on Facetime is when you block someone of facetime they won’t be able to call you. But, you can call them facetime.

This same goes with iMessage.

Can you still facetime if your phone is off

Yes, you can definitely facetime someone if your iPhone us off. For this you would be needing your iPad or Mac.

The only requirement is that your Apple Id should be logged in with your iPad or Mac.

Will Facetime Show Up If Blocked?

If I am not mistaken, this question is about if facetime audio or video call option will show up in the contact info of the person whom you have blocked.

The answer is yes, you can check in the image below.

Clearly it is showing the FaceTime video and audio call option even if i have blocked the person.

can you facetime someone who blocked you

if you ask a question; can you facetime someone if they blocked you? the answer is, you cannot facetime someone who blocked you. Even though it appear that call is going through. But on recipient side. there won’t be any indication for the same.

If you ask about how many time the does facetime ring if you are blocked, the answer is on your side it will be ringing until call ends (usually rings up to 11 times). but on recipient’s. there wont be any ringing or notification.

Related Questions

can you still facetime someone if they blocked you?

Yes, you can facetime someone if they blocked you. But, the other person will not get any notification that you are calling

how many times does a facetime call ring?

Generally, it rings upto 11 times and then call automatically disconnects

When i facetime someone it doesn’t ring

If you facetime someone and it does not ring, then there may be multiple cases. The person has blocked you or their internet is not active.

if i’m blocked can i still facetime

Technically, yes you can but the other person who blocked you will not see any notification for the same
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