How to keep your iPhone safe from Hackers and Snoopers


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How to keep your iPhone safe from Hackers and Snoopers

IOS is considered to be the most secure and most safe mobile platform with tons of restrictions, just to keep hacker and snoopers away from you million dollar data, that you have stored in your phone. Though apple takes every measure to keep that safety at the top most level but there are some tweaks that you must do in your setting to close all that loop holes left.

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Lock down your Iphone

No matter you use a Face ID or Touch ID, you still need a passcode if both of them does not work. Try using passcode which is hard to guess and never use any phrase word of date that relates to your or your loved ones.

How to put password in iphone ?

The most secure password is alphanumeric with special characters, I don’t recommend using 4 digit passcode it is easy to guess.How to Put password in IphoneHow to Put password in Iphone

Delete data after 10 wrong passcode attempts

IOS has this feature that prevent unauthorized access to the device when you are away. If someone tries to guess your password then after 10 wrong attempts your phones data will be erased automatically.

To do this  Go to Settings > Face ID & Passcode (or Touch ID & Passcode on iPhones with Touch ID), enter your existing passcode, and scroll down to Erase Data.

Two factor Authentication

Another best way to protect your iphones data is to activate the Iphone’s two step authentication. That way even if hacker get your icloud name and password. He need an authentication code to access the data.

How to Setup Two Factor Authentication in Iphone
How to Setup Two Factor Authentication in Iphone

How to Activate Apple’s two-factor authentication ?

Go to Settings > and tap your name at the top of the screen, then go to Password & Security, then choose Two-Factor Authentication.

Keep Iphone updated

As i told you that apple is trying every way possible to make IOS device safe as possible by shooting out the bug fixes and software updates. So your duty is to keep your phone updated all the time with latest security patch.

Iphone software update
Iphone software update

How to update Iphone ?

To check for latest update and bug fix you have to follow some simple steps as show below,

To set this up head over to Settings > General > Software Update and turn on Automatic Updates

Never Reuse Password

Reusing password is probably the worst mistake you ever going to do while protecting your data. To avoid this apple has implemented a iCloud Keychain which takes care of all your password and prompt you in case of reuse.

Limit access when Iphone is locked

The cool feature that apple implemented on iphones is that you can customize the how and which date is accessible when the device is in locked state. Some of the controls that you get are

  • – Today View
  • – Notification Center
  • – Control Center
  • – Siri
  • – Reply with Message
  • – Home Control
  • – Wallet
  • – Return Missed Call
  • – USB Accessories

So the more you locked down the more you Iphone is secured.

How to limit access when Iphone is locked ?

For this you have to Go to Settings > Face ID & Passcode (or Touch ID & Passcode on iPhones with Touch ID), and enter your existing passcode to control this.

Use VPN, When using Public WiFI

Most of the people thinks that public wifi are the best way to browse without spending on your data plans, But the big truth you missed here is that on public wiFi any one can track your data. So, always use VPN.

How to use VPN in Iphone
VPN in Iphone

How to use VPN in Iphone ?

There are lots of free VPN apps are available out there. Just fire up the App store and choose any high rated free VPN and secure your data.

Hide Notification content in Iphone

While notifications are the super convenient way to access those small updates in your iphone ubt the big downside is that anyone can just swipe down and see your notification content.

Hide notification content in Iphone
Hide notification content in Iphone

How to Hide Notification content in Iphone ?

To hide your notification content go to Settings > Notifications > Show Previews and change the setting to When Unlocked or Never.

Choose and use widget wisely

Widgets are another easy way your data can be leaked.

To prevent this you can either use only those widget which are most important to you.

Iphone Widget
Iphone Widget

How to set up widget in Iphone ?

Swipe to the right of the screen to edit widget and go to the bottom of the screen to to edit the widget screen.

Block those BIG iphone Ears ?

Whenever you install an application for your iphone that app asks for some permission to work. You have to stop and think if that application really requires microphone access or not.

How to block microphone access in iphone ?

To do this head over to Settings > Privacy > Microphone and make changes which you thinks is safe

Stop Sharing Your Location

Most of the time if you have notices your location is being accessed and that very creepy. But iphone has that cool feature which lets you manage the location permission of each app you install without completing blocking you location permission.

Iphone Location sharing
Iphone Location sharing

How to stop sharing location on iphone ?

For this just go to Settings > Privacy > Location Services, and from there you can go through your apps here you will have three options NeverWhile Using App and Always choose carefully.

Set Up Recovery Key

If you are using two-factor authentication as mentioned above then you can also set up Iphone recovery key. Once set you will not be able to reset your apple ID password, so keep this in mind.

how to setup Iphone Recovery key
Iphone Recovery key

How to Setup up Recovery Key in Iphone ?

To set up Iphone recovery key just go to the go to Settings > tap your name at the top of the screen, then go to Password & Security, and choose Two-Factor Authentication there you will get an option to set up recovery key.

Find My Iphone

This is the handy feature in case if you scare about the situation of your iphone being stolen or you lose it somewhere in the house. Then you can use this feature to locate your phone.

Find my Iphone
Find my Iphone

How to activate find my iphone ?

To activate it go to Settings > then tap your name at the top of the screen, and go to iCloud > Find My iPhone. From this menu you can check the Last location of your device.

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