In the late fourth and early fifth centuries of our era, Hypatia of Alexandria was the world’s greatest living mathematician and astronomer. A strikingly beautiful. In the introduction to this book, Michael Deakin expresses surprise that there have been so few full-length treatments of the life and work of. Hypatia of Alexandria: Mathematician and Martyr, by Michael A. B. Deakin, , pp., hardcover, ISBN , $ Prometheus Books,

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Hypatia of Alexandria: Mathematician and Martyr – Michael A. B. Deakin – Google Books

February”The life and mathematiciaan of Hypatia”, Metascience18 1: But we must be content with any glimmers of her that we can get. She achieved fame not only in The Byzantine Suda encyclopedia contains a very long entry about Hypatia, which summarizes two different accounts of her life.

But this is not for your average person. Despite Hypatia’s alexadria, Cyril and his allies attempted to discredit her and undermine her reputation. And yes, while Deakin does cover Hypatia’s life and as much as we can learn from the little documentation around her, there were times when he seemed to be really pulling at straws for content. The film, however, also contains numerous historical inaccuracies: What we know of her – as an esteemed philosopher, mathematician and astronomer in a time where women had little rights, who has chosen to stay unmarried implicitly to protect these rights – although Michael Deakin certainly doesn’t suggest that, while listing other famous women philosophers and mathematicians as ‘wife of I was hoping for more historical information regarding the circumstances of her murder at the hands of the early christian church, but alexanndria, there i This is a rather scholarly work, so if you’re looking for some sort of detailed history of Hypatia, this isn’t it.


Biographical Encyclopedia of Astronomers.

Another book I didn’t really finish – had it out of the library and had to return it quickly because it was new, but at the time enjoyed learning about a woman in history I’d known nothing of beforehand. Hypatia has been described as a universal genius[] but she was probably more of a teacher and uypatia than an innovator.

Arete of CyreneAedesiaAsclepigeniaand Theodora of Emesaall of whom lived out similar careers. This book is probably better than just OK, but that’s my mood at the moment.

Southern Illinois University Press. Without beating a dead horse too much, there just is not enough info. He also analyzes the pattern of her life and thought, and finally gives an account of the events leading up to her lynch-mob execution.

Hypatia of Alexandria: Mathematician and Martyr

Nov 11, Autumn Skye rated it it was ok Shelves: We see in her life little of the compartmentalization of knowledge that such a recitation of achievement imposes upon modern ears. Dzielska adds the literary tradition and Deakin the mathematical. My library Help Advanced Book Search.

During the Age of Enlightenmentshe became a symbol of opposition to Catholicism. Both Hypatia marttyr her father Theon were known as teachers and commentators. Hypatia was a Neoplatonist, [18] but, like her father, she rejected the teachings of Iamblichus and instead embraced the original Neoplatonism formulated by Plotinus.

Hypatia of Alexandria: Mathematician and Martyr by Michael A.B. Deakin

Hypatia is known to have constructed astrolabes and hydrometersbut did not invent either of these, which were both in use long before she was born. Finally, in he published his book marttr I got to add another uypatia to my research shelf. Hypatia was the daughter of the mathematician Theon of Alexandria c. In nineteenth century European literary authors spun the legend of Hypatia as part of neo-Hellenisma movement that romanticised ancient Greeks and their values. Over the years, he spoke of her at conferences and wrote articles.


Since the late twentieth century, some portrayals have associated Hypatia’s death with the destruction of the Library of Alexandriadespite the historical fact that the library no longer existed during Hypatia’s lifetime.

But over all I think he assess’ the sources well and also includes all primary sources as appendixes and A short read half the book is mathematical equations, though to Deakin’s credit he does add them as appendixes so the book can be read as a whole without them i found his style of writing was very academic and sometimes to brief, given the shortness of the book partly due to the lack of information on Hypatia I think he could’ve expanded a little on the background information he gives.

For as she had frequent interviews with Orestes, it was calumniously reported among the Christian populace that it was she who prevented Orestes from being reconciled to the bishop. Hypatia, a Greek mathematician and philosopher, she surpassed all her contemporaries. Women writers in classical Greece and Rome.

Deepti Singh rated it really liked it Dec 07, Hypatia is there of course, and we know what we can. But no, the way this author talks to the audience was the most annoying voice that I ever had to read. Megan rated it it was ok Oct 08, Wikimedia Commons has media related to Hypatia. Office of the “Ave Maria”, pp.

This is part of a post on my blog where I review both Hypatia of Alexandria: