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iMessage not working for one contact?

Have you ever wondered why imessage not working for one contact despite that they are using an iPhone or iPad with good internet connectivity.

Whoever is using an iPhone or iPad and has decided not to use iMessage, it’s very strange and unlikely. So, I want you to know that iMessage not working for a specific contact on your iPhone may not be a problem or mistake from your side.

In this article, I will explain all the reasons why iMessage is not working for one contact.

iMessage not working for one contact?

iMessage not working for one contact? because iMessage is not available in the recipient’s device or iMessage is not activated on the recipient’s number.

Let’s go through the probable cause for iMessage not working for one contact? one by one.

1. When iMessage is unavailable

When iMessage is unavailable, you might be sending multiple iMessages to the recipient. They don’t receive any because the recipient’s iMessage is available.

There are several reasons why iMessage might not be available, and they are as follows:

  1. No active internet connection: If the recipient’s phone is not connected to the internet. iMessage will not work.
  2. iMessage is disabled: If iMessage is disabled on any Apple device, the recipient won’t receive iMessages. All the iMessages will be sent as regular SMS text messages.

    So, the problem of iMessage not working for a contact might be due to the fact that the recipient has disabled iMessage on their iPhone, iPad, Mac, or Apple Watch.

    But, it’s quite rare, but it does happen, especially when a person doesn’t need to communicate with their other person.
  1. The recipient’s Apple device off or inactive: If the recipient’s iPhone, iPad is turned off, iMessage won’t be delivered.

    For iMessage to work, the IOS device should be functional and connected to internet.

2. iMessage is not activated on Recipient’s Number

If you found yourself in a situation where you sent an iMessage to a other Apple device user, but it turned green?

You must be asking yourself why it’s happening.

The reason is simple; you sent the iMessage to the wrong contact information.

When I say wrong contact information, I mean the wrong iMessage contact. It’s possible that someone is using their Apple ID or email address instead of their phone number for iMessage.

In this case, when you send iMessages to their phone number, it will turn green, indicating that it’s sent as an SMS text message.

This happens because the phone number is not active with iMessage.

Some people use their email addresses or Apple IDs to activate their iMessages. So, since the phone number is not active with iMessage, sending iMessages to that number won’t work.

In this situation, you need to contact the person and ask for their correct iMessage number or email address.

If the person is using an email address for their iMessage, you’ll need to send iMessages to that specific email address or Apple ID.

Similarly, if the person is using a phone number for iMessage, you need to send iMessages to that number in the same way they activated iMessage with that number.

This is a common reason why you might experience images not working for a contact on your iPhone or iPad.

3. Blocked on iMessage

Blocking on iMessage is another reason why iMessage may not work for a contact on your iPhone. When someone blocks you, any iMessage you send to them will never be delivered to the recipient.

Now, let me make this absolutely clear.

If someone has blocked you on iMessage, the iMessage you send will never turn green or show a failed delivery. Instead, it will only be sent but never delivered to the recipient.

I’m emphasizing this because some people think that when they are blocked on iMessage, the sent iMessage will automatically turn green or show a failed delivery, but that’s not the case.

iMessage will only turn green if iMessage is not available at the time of sending the message, or perhaps you are trying to send a message to someone who is using an Android phone or a feature phone.

iMessage will only show a failed delivery if iMessage is disabled on the recipient’s phone, or there is no active internet connection or texting plan to send SMS text messages.

iMessage stopped working for one person

It usually happens when the recipient has blocked you or perhaps changed their iMessage Apple ID.

If you are chatting with someone on iMessage, and suddenly iMessage is not working for a particular contact, it may be because the recipient has changed their iMessage contact to something else.

Based on my experience and understanding, I found that the recipient changed their iMessage contact from their phone number to an email address. Sending iMessages to the phone number will automatically turn them green, even if I kept sending iMessages to the previous phone number.

Can you disable imessage for one contact?

No, you cannot disable iMessage for a specific contact; instead, you can only block that contact on your iMessage.

There is no possible way to block iMessage for a single contact. Once you disable iMessage on your IOS device, it will automatically disable it for all your contacts. So, instead, you need to block that specific contact on your iMessage.

To do this:

  1. Open your Messages app and find the conversation with that particular contact.
  2. Tap on the person’s profile
  3. Tap on the “info” icon at the bottom of the screen, and there you will see “Block this Caller.”
  4. Proceed to tap on “Block this Caller,” and that person will be blocked on your iMessage.
  5. To completely block a person on your iPhone, go to the Phone app and block that person there as well.

This will prevent them from contacting you through messages or phone calls.

How do I turn iMessage back on for one contact?

If you disable iMessage on your device. Then there is no way to enable it back specifically for a single contact. Disabling iMessage will affect all your contacts on your iPhone or iPad.

As long as iMessage is enabled on your device, it will be available for all the people you chat with.

In addition to iMessage, you can use other instant messaging apps and services like Android RCS Chat, WhatsApp, Skype, Facebook Messenger, Telegram, etc.

Why do some iMessages not deliver sometimes?

If sometimes iMessage messages are not delivered, it could be because the recipient is not available on iMessage, or perhaps there is no active internet connection on your device.

Why are my iMessages green for one person?

If your iMessage is sending a green message to a specific person, it means that person’s number is not registered with iMessage, or they are using an Android phone.

I have already made it clear, especially if the recipient is using an Apple device.

It’s possible that someone is using their email address or Apple ID for iMessage instead of their phone number, and that’s why the messages you send to their phone number turn green, as the phone number is not connected to iMessage.

In this situation, you’ll need to contact that person and ask for their iMessage contact information.

iMessage will also send green SMS text messages to Android phone users because iMessage is not available on Android, only on Apple devices.

Remember that iMessage will not turn green just because you are blocked; iMessage will never say “delivered” if the recipient has blocked you.

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