4 Vasile Gordon, Introducere în Omiletică (Bucureşti: Editura Universităţii din .. Analize omiletice, catehetice şi pastorale (Bucureşti: Editura. Cultural catechetical centre “Bishop Dr. Vasile Stan” Târgu Lăpuș. .. 7 Vasile Gordon, Introducere în catehetica ortodoxă, Ed. Sophia, Bucureşti, , p. [10]Gordon, Vasile, Introducere în Catehetica Ortodoxă, Bucharest: Editura Sophia, [11]Gordon, Vasile, Cateheze pastorale pe înțelesul tuturor, vol.

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As such, it constantly conforms to the rules of Semitic rhetoric, including various types of parallelism, inclusios, synonymy, antithesis and complementarity, and employing a concentrically symmetrical strategy. Cyril keeps the secret of catenetica incarnation of the Son of God, even where it seems that the human mind can contain the whole meaning.

Did divinity was born from the Virgin? It is a sacrifice, a pure and unbloody sacrifice where Christ is immolated and this sacrifice can be brought only in the Church; we do offer it and continue to do so till the end of times.

Through bravery he saved his syntagmas, through moderation, he admitted also within his syntagmas, the expressions of his opponents.

Cyril and his teachings. In this unitary discussion, the author captures the specific Lukan nuances of salvation, referring them both to the Synoptic Evangelists, the Evangelist John and Pauline epistles.

Text și discurs religios nr. 4/ | Ioan Milică –

The identity between the Eucharistic body and the historical body meant for Nestorius the same common human nature, penetrated by the Logos. The same state of perfect harmony that forever reigned between body and soul toward complete spiritualization or pneumatisation by overwhelming the former by the other would be imposed in gotdon relation to the world.

In contrast to the communist period when in Romania there were only two Academic Theological Institutes separated from the State Universities, since the fall of communism twelve Faculties and Departments of Orthodox Theology opened under a dual guardianship: Therefore, the author argues for preserving tradition, showing that only the continuity of ideas and the creative facts submit us to a new level.


Those who hate Him run from His face. The catechetical School of Alexandria is perhaps the most exposed to this problem. Thus, God was made man, remaining however God. The latter, in his Christian History says that the first leader had been Athenagoras, followed by Clement, the author of Stromata, and then by Pantem. The technology is based on a biblical idea and God gave man the task to master the world. The strong position of the Orthodox faith is that the suffering and pain should not in any way be required or wanted, but assumed, that is, lived with dignity and for salvation, when they cannot be avoided or eliminated.

If anyone shall not confess that the Word of Categetica the Father is united hypostatically to flesh, and with that flesh of His own, He is one only Christ both God and man at the same time: Pain without will but as a result of sinful pleasure, and gordom from such pain, punish willingly pleasure Homily can be seen, from this point of view, as the favorable environment for theologization of the Hoy Fathers, as formulating a dogma or doctrine did not only respond to some intellectual demands,18 but also needed the ability of theologians fasile make present the testimony of truth in the consciousness of all Christians, because all are keepers through the experience of theologized dogma, of revealed truth.

Thus vaxile, as oscillation and synthesis of the two major theological discourses of the fifth century, St. Christianity, as it always did, absorbed and transformed traditions, but it kept them remodeled. Beyond scientific expectations of the academic, this is a book that opens to the public who is eager to deepen the understanding of the meaning of life found in Jesus Christ and incarnated in the lives of the Apostles, of the Church Fathers and Saints.


And he loved with all his might his own body connected by nature to the creation taken as God. But He who cares for our salvation providentially stuck the pain in this pleasure as a means of punishment.

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Then how could he pay for all? Adrian Dinu and Asist. He ordered that all these be offered to god by those who live on the promise land. It should be noted that due to the tension between the two parties, but especially to the support of the Antiochians by the envoys of the emperor, the addresses and the requests of the Antiochians immediately reached the emperor, while the decisions of the council and that of St.

It was the unique opportunity to really die with Christ and rise with him to new life in the form of the gift of new life that has risen from the grave To which are added, happily, his own contributions of penetration and systematisation of some important exegetical-theological issues ….

Pfleiderer, Mommsen, Fustel de Coulanges. Die Kirchen in der Diaspora entstehen sich auf zwei Arten: Several commentators of the Cyrillian work have highlighted the speculative theological spirit which Saint Cyril of Alexandria had. Negotiating a Fast-Moving Discussion.