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How to fix Iphone 13 Speaker Issue

If you own any of the iPhone 13 variant be it 13, 13 pro, or even 13 pro max, then you must be aware of the common issues that occur are of speakers not working, low notification volume, speaker crackling or may be your speaker is not loud enough. The reason behind this problem is an unknown bug which is still being investigated by the Apple. So, to solve iPhone 13 Speaker issue, we have listed few solutions that have worked in most of devices and could potentially help you get rid of this speaker issue

iPhone 13 Speaker Issues

Okay, if your iPhone 13 may have many issue issues which could be iPhone 13 speaker crackling or your iPhone 13 speaker is not loud enough and worst case could be your speaker is not working.

In this situation, follow below mentioned steps to resolve iPhone 13 speaker issues

Solution 1: Force Restart Your iPhone 13

One common and most trusted solution that solves most of the iPhone 13 problem is simply restarting it by following the step below.

  1. Single press the volume up button and release
  2. Single press the volume down button and release
  3. Now, press & hold side / power button until apple logo comes

Solution 2: Disable Reduce Loud Sound

In updated IOS version, users have the option to reduce the volume whenever the user is using the headphones. Well, this feature is to protect user’s hearing ability but sometime it becomes the root of the problem. So, let’s see how you can turn off the reduce volume option in iPhone 13

  1. Go to settings option
  2. Scroll down and click on Sound & haptics
  3. Select the Headphone safety
  4. Scroll down to until you see Reduce Loud Sound option
  5. Turn off this option to see it the issue resolves

Solution 3: Turn ON “Use When Media is Playing”

Well, if the issue is still not resolved, don’t worry. some of the users said that below method helped them resolved the iPhone 13 crackling sound issue

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Under accessibility select the audio / visual option
  3. Now, choose the background sound option
  4. here, turn on the “Use When Media is Playing” option and try to increase you iPhone’s volume

Solution 4: Switch ON the Mono Audio Option

Sometime the iPhone is set to use the Mono audio, which only uses one speaker and could be the potential cause iPhone 13 low volume or sound on speaker or calls.

  1. Go to settings
  2. Head over to Accessibility and select the audio / visual option
  3. Here, try to toggle Mono Audio option and see if it shoves the problem or not

Solution 5: Disable Silent Mode

Though it sounds very lame but many iPhone users forget to disable the silent mode and struggles with the speaker issues we discussed above.

Option 1: Simply turn off the select mode by sliding the slide button on the left side of your iPhone 13

Option 2: Simply, go to settings and disable the silent mode through menu option

Solution 6: Clean Your iPhone 13 Speaker

Last but not the least, sometime your iPhone speaker collects dust and as time passes on, the speaker sound gets lower and you get to hear muffled sound. like some thing is blocking the vibrations coming from the speaker

For this, you can carefully clean the speaker grills to see if it improves the speaker volume quality

iPhone 13 Pro Speaker Issues

If you have own a Pro variant and and facing iPhone 13 pro speaker issues such as crackling, not working or not loud. then also you can follow the solutions we mention above.

iPhone 13 Pro Max Speaker Issues

Now if you are a pro max user and facing iPhone 13 pro max speaker issues such as speaker not working, crackling, or low volume. then also you can follow the above mentioned solutions to see it helps.


Well, I hope that after following above solutions, you iPhone 13, Pro, and Pro max variant speaker issue is resolved. If yes, don’t forget to share this guide to social media this might help someone.

At last, if the issue still persists then there might me chances that the speaker is faulty and probably you need to get iPhone 13 speaker replacement by visiting the Apple care near you.

iPhone 13 Speaker Issues FAQ

Why is my iPhone 13 speaker muffled?

Try to remove any glass protector or phone cover you may have. Sometime a dirty speaker opining could be a issue. Try to clean it with a brush

Why is my iPhone 13 speaker crackling?

If you are a heavy user, then using your iPhone for long hours attracts dust and direct which settles in the speaker opinings. Try to clean it and see if it helps

What is the code for iPhone speaker test?

*#0*# is the iPhone secret code to test speaker

How much is iPhone 13 speaker?

iPhone 13 speaker costs approximately 30-40 USD and comes with 6 month warranty price may very time to time

Why is iPhone 13 sound so low?

This could be due to muffles sound due to dirt in the speaker openings or you may have mistakenly lowered the volume

How do I fix my iPhone 13 speaker?

You can fix the speaker issue by following the solution mentioned in the steps mention in this page. If your speaker is faulty then you have to visit the apple store

That all, guys. Thank you and keep supporting us by regularly vising for Apple latest tips, tricks, how to’s and Reviews

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