The international standard ISO has been withdrawn and replaced by the standard ISO. In order to avoid confusion regarding. TECHNICAL ISO/TR REPORT First edition Statistical methods in process management — Capability and performance. Buy UNI ISO STATISTICAL METHODS IN PROCESS MANAGEMENT – CAPABILITY AND PERFORMANCE – PART 2: PROCESS CAPABILITY.

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The expression for process capability takesthe asymmetric form: In these situations, it is typical for there to be only a one-sided specification limit, U.

Includes guidance on integrating Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability. Capability is often regarded as being related to the proportion of output that will occur within is productspecification tolerances. Looking to purchase to post on your company’s Intranet? It would be inappropriate to just discard data that donot appear to fit any preconceived pattern.

Read the Text Version. As organizations competefor sales with each other, it has become increasingly apparent that isi is not only the price paid for a product orservice that matters so much, but also what costs will be incurred by the purchaser from using such a productor service.

ISO Pages 1 – 50 – Text Version | FlipHTML5

The method isdescribed by way of an example see Annex B. International organizations, governmental andnon-governmental, in liaison with ISO, also take part in the work. Explanations of io should be sought in relation to these mentioned features and appropriate actiontaken on the data prior to the calculation of any measure.


For those distributions that are frequently observed normal, log-normal, Rayleigh and Weibullthe requiredrelations and formulae are given in Annex C.

ISO 22514-2:2013: Statistical methods in process management – Capability and performance – Part 2:

The acceptance criteria are defined as a capability figure or a capability ratio. Statistical methods in process management – Capability and performance – Part Three approaches to estimate the reference limits are given. NOTE 3 For a non-normal distribution 2.

Attention is drawn to the possibility that some of the elements of this document may be the subject of patentrights. Note that the probability paper method directly estimates fairly extreme quantiles and this can be inaccurate. Every care has been taken to ensure that the file is suitable for use by ISO member bodies.

Statistical methods in process management – Capability and performance – Part 2: NOTE 7 Performance conditions are least restrictive, but include: The first is what might be described as theshort-term standard deviation or instantaneous inherent standard deviation. It is indexed in terms of the acceptance isl limit AQL and is designed for users who have simple requirements.

There are other indices that incorporate both the location and the variation; of these, the most widely used isthe Cpk index.

The distribution function of the Weibull distribution is: Therefore, the Cp index can be expressed as: 222514 of the potential difficulties are as follows: Thisprovides 2214 about both sides of the process. This enables a direct comparison to be made between 222514 dimensional performance of a characteristic and its specified requirements in terms of both location and dispersion. The single important differencebetween performance and capability is that for performance there is no requirement for the process to be in astate of statistical control nor for the process to be controlled using a control chart.


The method required to carry out such a study will be outside thescope of this part of ISO ; however, it should be noted that such studies are important and useful.

These differ according to how manyreadings the estimated Cp has been based on. Consequently, process capability in the case of a controlled process is restricted to statements aboutthe level of nonconformities or nonconforming items.

ISO 22514-4-2007

225144 purchase is non-refundable. If the occurrence of nonconformities per hundred is so low that the NHU is very much less than the value 1,consider the number of nonconformities per million instead, i. It is important for the user of this part of ISO to appreciate that variations exist that will be of a short-term nature as well as those that will be of a long-term nature and that capability determinations using only theshort-term variation might be greatly different to those which have used the long-term variability.

It represents thevariation that remains after all known removable assignable causes have been eliminated.