To get started using JiBX, you just need to download the distribution zip file from and the offline version of this documentation, also included in the distribution. JiBX Tutorial, JiBX Example, JiBX Binding Example, JiBX jars download, jibx xml to java object, More info on these can be found in the JiBX documentation. You’ll end up with a directory named jibx, which contains all the JiBX JARs, documentation, examples, and even the source code.

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You’ll first see how to start with a simple Java data model and generate a default schema matching that model.

java – Spring web service using JiBX – Stack Overflow

You can even define your xocumentation formatter class for Javadocs used as schema documentation, if you want to make some changes to the text in the process of conversion such as stripping “Get the Besides the PersonName components used as examples in the preceding subsection, the TimeCard schemas have a number of other complex components that are not used in the sample documents included in this tutorial. This includes a tool which will generate a default binding for a set of Java classes and a separate tool to generate an XML schema definition from a binding definition and the referenced Java classes.

Documentatino set of customizations to be applied are passed to CodeGen as an XML document, with nested elements that relate to schemas or schema components. Once you’ve got a binding definition for your document format you’re ready to begin using JiBX.

You can also control the XML representation of a value using the includes attribute. You can also run all three targets in sequence by listing them in order on the command line: We’re not aware of any recent published performance comparisions between data binding frameworks, but you can view some older results from the BindMark tests, along with a similar study focused around Web services performance.

To use the generated binding definition in working with Doumentation documents, you first need to run the JiBX binding compiler tool. This second approach works fine for normal data classes, but you’ll still need to supply a factory for any interface or abstract classes which can never be constructed directly.

The allowed values for this attribute match the different XML styles listed jihx. If you have Ant installed on your system and have installed the download code according to the instructions, you should see output similar to that shown in Figure Web service definitions are one of odcumentation main uses of XML schemas.


The big differences besides the simplified class Javadocs are that the Customer class is now inlined, and the Shipping class is now an documenration class using a custom typesafe enumeration class. Binding definitions contain full details of the conversions to be done by JiBX, so they’re necessarily complex.

No quotes are needed for the attribute value when you use this technique. You’ll next see how customizations can be used to modify the code generation so it better fits your needs. You may want to assemble your class files into jar files, for instance, after you’ve run the binding compiler which currently requires the class files docymentation un-jarred form.

Finally, you need to list the root class es you want used for generation.

Some aspects of the schema definition in Listing 9 are ignored or only partially handled by CodeGen. You can also run the entire sequence, from compiling the source code to running the test program, with the custom1 Ant target.

Start from Schema Start from Schema. This Javadoc conversion feature works only if you socumentation the source code available for the classes and provide an argument to BindGen telling it the documnetation directory path or paths.

Similarly, if you’re starting from an XML schema definition you may find the Xsd2Jibx subproject useful. Listing 18 shows the custom3. There are many other customizations you can use to control the schema generation, beyond those I’ve covered in this tutorial. In this last case, the data model uses java. Here are the links for the details of these steps, along with information on some useful tools included in the distribution:.

You must run the binding compiler each time you recompile your Java classes or modify the binding definition, so it’s generally best to add the binding compiler step as part of your project’s standard build process.

JiBX: Getting Started with JiBX

Wipe all files from target directory before generating output ignored jihx the target directory is the same as the current directory. The full sample code is in jbx sample code’s src directory. For this tutorial’s purposes, you’ll keep things simple and just run the binding compiler through Ant. Either way, you also get jjibx binding definition that lets you use JiBX to convert between the Java code and XML documents matching the schema definition.

In this tutorial, you’ll see how to apply the first type of generation: If you compare Listing 12 with the Listing 10 sample, you’ll see how the representation has been changed by the latest customizations. CodeGen can easily handle this number of schemas, but the number of generated classes and the complexity of the interrelationships would obscure the more interesting aspects of the schema handling.


The supplied decorators including the org. Finally, you’ll move on to a more complex industry-standard schema example and explore the power of customizations to simplify the data model generated for that schema and improve usability.

XML names are not as documentatio, and several different styles are commonly used. How does JiBX manage to provide both flexibility and performance? Doumentation most Java compilers and JVMs, this reflection order will match the order of the definitions in the Java source code.

After reading this tutorial and working through the supplied examples, you will be able to use JiBX to generate quality XML schema definitions from your own Documentstion data-structure classes. In this case, the nested style results in a schema with just three global definitions: It unmarshals sample documents using the generated data-model classes and then marshals the documents back out and compares the result with the original document.

This gives a sample of the HR-XML schema style, which uses a mixture of nested and global type definitions and contains a wider range of schema structures than the first example, including:. The flexibility of the Venetian Blind style is probably not important if you just plan to use your Java code as the base for any further changes rerunning BindGen each time your code changesbut it can be nice if you jihx to use the schema as a basis for further development.

Schemas of the type shown documentaiton Listing 14called “Venetian Blind” style schemas, are popular for use with complex XML structure definitions. If you don’t already have Ant installed on your system, you can get it from the Ant Project page. If you want to be certain the XML representation will always be the same no matter what Java compiler and JVM are used, the includes attribute gives you an easy way to fix the order.

You’ll first learn how to work with a simple schema and generate a default Java data model matching that schema, then use that data model for reading and writing XML documents.

Customizations to eliminate components from the data model aren’t very useful if you control the schema — in that case, it’s always going to be simpler to just change the schema directly.