The latest Tweets from Justine Klotz (@Justine_Klotz): “Bal”. The latest Tweets from Justine Klotz (@justineklotz). To German mystic, Justine Klotz (), the Lord inspired a similar ejaculation, with special regard for priests: “Jesus, Mary I love You, save priestly souls.

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Then I cried out to heaven, “I want to save you all. He who loves saves; he who saves kloz In the message of 2nd February, I announced that you have a new Shoah, another extermination is taken place before your eyes and you can’t see it, you don’t think about it, but it exists.

The world has put me aside and has let the devil in. You shall not kill: This is a triumph for the evil one! This site uses cookies. They disdain me, for they are driven by lust.

It is a means through which much can be avoided. I desire restoring peace and showing men the way. My mother is by your side in the battle against hell. Abortion is the worst sin voluntary abortion, not miscarriages because it is the killing of children in their mothers’ wombs.


The Holy Spirit is visible in the triumph. My Love is holy; it is as a luminous cloud that enwraps the soul and the soul knows it.

This way the abyss grows wider. It is as though we had provided a key to jystine out of hell. I tell you the truth: It is a luminous way.

Sr. Maria Consolata Betrone – “Jesus, Mary, I love You, Save Souls”

There are countless brief and ardent prayers. I have robed you anew with the Act of Love. Mary was near the shore.

It was the same question I asked heaven: There is no sin too great for me to forgive; my suffering would increase, if you doubted my mercy. I have defined the goals, because my Love is without bounds, and it burns like fire in every direction.

Sr. Maria Consolata Betrone – “Jesus, Mary, I love You, Save Souls”

It is for the benefit of everyone. Many souls have already heard this call of mine.

This act of Love substitutes for everything that is omitted today. There also is a resurrection for you before the time, and it is close: He said he didn’t understand what was going on. You must arm yourselves. If you only knew how I love souls that multiply their love a thousand-fold for my sake! This love is meant for every soul, without exceptions. It is a call to Grace! First, I am GOD who desired descending to the earth.


You must be as a wall. This time is close. You have no sense of maternal love. In this pulsating heart I saw the “Father’s heart”, then during the consecration the chalice gradually grew and inside it, in the sea of blood, there was a pulsating heart with the words “I am redemption for all. I, the one true God, wanted you to be aware of this great disaster which is the cause of the great evils your world is going through.

They are my heartbeats.

Society for Unborn Children Prophecies of our times about abortion

It reaches into every abyss. They think they have the truth, they imagine that their decisions are right but really they are looking only to be glorified by a godless people who praise them. This work will bear fruit in one’s own body.

My Resurrection confirms this.