Kahles AH, x Plex reticle, and matte finish. Used, with box and papers, looks brand new. $ for sale by J and M Trading Post on GunsAmerica. scope is required, KAHLES. Warranty Repair is available by contacting Swarovski Optik North. America at () KAHLES AMERICAN HUNTER. Kahles AH are pretty lightweight lighter in fact then a comparable Zeiss Conquest . You can use the 50mm objective in medium and in some.

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The only time I’ve ever had a Leupold reticle turn any gold color for me was when a sales person put his hand in front of the scope. You ain’t never seen really bright sunshine and sunsets until you’ve tried either.

Just curious what you don’t like about Leupold? And let us not forget how you see better with one eye rather than two, only with a Leupold scope. PM sent on leupold khales does not have the AO Even others are convinced that one should set their scopes on the lower magnification settings to see best when it gets dark. They also resembled each other physically enough that most people wouldn’t know the difference.

Did they upgrade the glass and coatings when they replaced the AH with the KX? Soon as I pony up the coin for the 1. There is only the difference in appearance. Others are convinced that the tiny differences coatings and baffling of a scope is far more important than magnification when using them during kagles or darkness.


The price labels were phony. It has a matte black finish and Plex reticle. You really need to read all of it and try. Is there any difference in the quality of the glass? It has kahpes gloss steel finish and no. Kahles Helia S wh.

No key is required for field operation of the scope or adjusting the multizero Sorry h24, Cal74 nabbed wh AO. Here is an older used Kahles Helia 3 to 12 power scope. Originally Posted by dsink.

Like I’ve said, the entertainment value gives me something to look forward to when I go on line. You couldn’t give me a Loopold. I can imagine that you’ve just about seen it all, it’s always brighter where you are and you get those really dark nights like no where else on earth. One of the tests I ran about a dozen years ago was covering the name of two brands of roof-prism binoculars of the same magnification and objective-lens diameter with duct tape.

IMO it is up there with the Swarovski and Zeiss.

ARMSLIST – For Sale: Kahles AH x42 Plex – very fine low light optic – NIB

Kahles Helia L 2. I’ve never told people “to disregard focusing instructions to introduce parrallax”. This scope has been derived of over years of experience. Actually, the info about what works as it gets kshles, I learned from experience, not from JB.

Since some people don’t seem to remember or understand it. Mounted on a kah,es but never taken in the field, near new. Here is a very nice used Kahles 3 to 9 power scope.

I have two 3×9 42mm american hunters and have no issues at all as a matter of fact I just bought a. The others were all very close. Switch to Threaded Mode. Optics are super clear The Kahles multiKey securely locks the base zero setting in multizero mode and prevents unintentional changes. The rifle scope is in new condition and includes all original paperwork. KX is the following model of the AH.


Thinks like, all scopes uses the same glass and coatings, Leupold exceeds all scopes in optical quality except MAYBE Zeiss and how you tell folks to disregard manufactures focusing instructions so they can introduce parallax with every shot.

For Sale: Kahles AH 3-9×42 Plex – very fine low light optic – NIB

I, ah, assumed you’d understand all that without my going to such a lenthy explanation. In both cases there are better models than others at each price point. Here is a used but like new Kahles Helia CL 4 to 12 power kah,es. Timt and Foxi like this. These rugged and lightweight scopes have x practical magnification range, which make them perfect for both tactical and long distance uses.

Here is the email response I recieved from Austria on this issue. Now who looks stupid? Do I also have to explain that a rifle scope with only a 5mm exit pupil will quit if it gets too dark?

Overall length of the scope is approx.