Jodan does not have the variety of waza that you have in chudan, .. never Anna !!! Theres 5 years of kendo material on this website enjoy!. JODAN NO KAMAE KENDO (上段の構え剣道) has members. Grupo creado para aprendizaje, difusión y discusión acerca de JODAN NO KAMAE en.

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One can strive to reach the mushin stage once the basic concepts and movements have been mastered. The full blog entry can be found at http: He has been doing this for 5 years kenfo. Just as the kensen is used to suppress an opponent from chudan, Chiba sensei believes that in jodan the tsukagashira should be used to pressure the opponent.

Go thicker than this, and big techniques such as tobikomi men become easier to use, but subtle tehniques become more difficult.

Just naturally ran into it. Anyhow, I did actually do a community massage course a jodab years ago, jodzn so I shamelessly offered Chiba Sensei a massage. Its advantage is the reach of the strike, the intimidating posture and the speed of the strike. I could instantly feel that my shoulder and grip were more relax in this arm position.

Remember that the shinai represents the sword. When you become 3rd Dan, you can do it.


Jodan no Kamae Ultimate Collection

But do the opposite, keep the shinai over your head and strongly push forwards with your jodsn button without any delay. That was down to kakari-geiko. If you really want to use it, then, as Imafuji-sensei said, you need your sensei’s permission to try it out, but first you need to train your left kenfo more than your right to help you swing your shinai effectively.

Dec 06, Rating. If you have to hold your ground, remember seme is both attack and defend at the same time.

Thank you for your post. Views Read Edit View history.

Jōdan-no-kamae – Wikipedia

Every practice he started taking chudan for 7 minutes then going into to jodan for the remaining three every practice. It is very true that the jodan is full on commitment.

So always remember to cut as you would cut with a real sword. More with the left and less with the right. My main goal is to do nito ryu, when I get to be 3rd dan, and that’s why I wanted to learn Jodan no Kamae to train not only my left I’m a rightybut to improve my katate attacks with both hands. Email required Address never made public.


As we all know now, however, mune-tsuki is no longer valid due to safety concern. Naturally, my neck tensed up because I was still shocked from the first twist. I now understand the reason for this and gave me more insight to this kamae. It does not matter whether there is a solid target to strike on or you are practice the strike in the air.


On the other hand, it is quite important that with the extending men you let go when the hand reaches the chest. I studied chudan, and also learnt jodan. Seme by thrusting using the belly button. Hold it and when he comes at you hit him without a thought jodah. I even scored one kote at the Shizuoka kokutai competition. However, it goes without saying that your legs work less well, and you steadily lose your explosive power.

I’ve been meaning to ask that question as well since I have recently seen one of my sempai’s does jodan no kamae during jigeiko.

And he started pressing on the pressure points on my back and neck! With the spotdown cutting men you let go when your hand is in front of your eyes. I really admire Inue-senseis teaching. To find out more, including how to kebdo cookies, see here: