Education Commission or Kothari Commission This article throws light upon the twenty-two major recommendations of Kothari education commission (). The recommendations are: 1. Education and. PRINCIPAL RECOMMENDATIONS OF THE KOTHARI COMMISSION/ EDUCATION COMMISSION, The Education Commission under the.

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Above all, it was suggested that there should be the co-ordination between Education Department and All India Radio for maximisation of teaching and optimisation of learning. At the national level, it is essential that the best talent available in the country should be mobilised to produce the text books and other literature needed both at the school and at the university stage.

Quality of Text Book 7. Commission laid stress on women education and advised setting up of state and central level committees for overseeing women education. Balakrishnan secretary worked on the extra curricular ambience and activities of the education. Promoting social and National Integration — National and social integration is the precondition for the progress and development of a country.

Improvement of teacher education institutions and expansion of training facilities Commissjon of educational Opportunity 1.

Science and mathematics should be taught on a compulsory basis to all pupils as a part of general education during the first ten years of schooling. One of the tasks before the group was to standardize the public and private sector compensation packages and also to design a machinery for continuous on-job xommission of the teachers. The Commission will advice the Govt.

Kothari Education Commission (1964-66)

In the situation of change, the school must always be alert if it is to keep abreast of significant changes. In developing Hindi as the link language, due care should be taken to ensure that it will serve, as provided for in Article of the Constitution, as a medium of expression for all the elements of the composite culture of India.


The mothari of the commission is a milestone in the annals of development of education in post-independence phase in India which is revolutionary in nature and original in its character. Such facilities will smoothen transition from school to work, promote the cause of education and provide opportunities to the large number of people who have the desire to educate themselves further but cannot do so on a full-time basis.

Kothari Commission – Wikipedia

It received and scrutinized 2, Memorandum and notes. Reddick served as special invitees of the sub groups. Guidance and counseling should be regarded as an integral part of education, meant for all students and aimed at assisting the individual to make decision and adjustments from time to time it should help in the identification and development of the abilities and interests of adolescent pupils.

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Retirement benefits should be extended to all the teachers in the service of the State Governments. The group had ten women, S. The Commission has been suggested the reorganisation of the university stage. Kotharri must not only keep up this growth but should also make her own significant contribution to it. Not only are the resources scare but the problems are exceedingly complex. Teacher education programme should be improved; 3.

The commission recommended that oothari common public education system should be introduced and then it should be vocationalized in general and special streams by introducing work experience as a part of education. In order to link education and productivity the Indian Education Commission made the following recommendations.

The orientation of teachers to the revised curricula through in-service training 5. Broad Areas of curricular studies at secondary stage as recommended by the Kothari commission are meant for two stages: Formulation of a National Policy on Education was one of the important recommendations of the commission and inthe fourth Lok Sabha elected to office in under the leadership of Indira Gandhipassed the bill.


Kothari Commission

Help Center Find new research papers in: Newer Post Older Post Home. Task Force on Techniques and Methods in Education This seventeen member task force was entrusted with the designing of the functional mechanics of the educational system.

Secondary schools should be of two types: Towards making these values as integral part of school programme, some period should set apart in the time-table. Some universities should start graduate schools with 3 years Master Degree courses in certain subjects; and 3. The use of standardized achievement test is strongly recommended. At the school stage, the Govt.

A lower secondary stage of 3 or 2 years of general education or 1 to 3 years of vocational education. Chari, who served as the Secretary. Mention two unique features of the commission in the given space.

Facilities for technical and vocational education should be suitably diversified to cover a large number of fields, such as agriculture, industry, trade and commerce, medicine and public health, home management, arts and crafts, secretarial training, etc. It also recommended the establishment of guidance and counselling centres and a new approach in the evaluation of student performances.

It consisted of sixteen members, eleven being Indians and five foreign experts The main task of the Commission was to advise the Government on the national pattern of education and on the general policies for the development of education at all stages-ranging from the primary to post-graduate stage and in all its aspects besides examining a host of educational problems in their social and economic context.