The Lancea Sanctum are a Kindred religious covenant who believe themselves descended from Longinus the centurion who speared Jesus’. Unfortunately, Lancea Sanctum speaks far too much in vague generalities and adds little new and interesting material to this Covenant. And I get the same impression with the Lancea Sanctum. The book does give an awful lot of information about what the Lancea Sanctum is, and how it’s.

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Zoe Robinson rated it it was ok Aug 06, Elliott rated it liked it Jan 19, Congratulations, you’re a monster now!

sanctm Please upgrade your browser or install Chrome or Firefox to enjoy the full functionality of this site. I can see a vampire scaring the priest with Nightmare or commanding him to step down with Dominate, and then perhaps charming everyone else with Majesty.

In regions where the covenant holds dominance, the Lancea Sanctum can enforce its laws and the Traditions with the most dire and horrifying of penalties.

There are lots of heresies and sects out there. Ostiary is a position within the Lancea Sanctum that translates roughly as “Keeper of the Door. Archivists keep records of anything the local Sanctified deem important, including both sacred texts such as the Testament of Longinus and other, more local writings. The actions of the Kindred in the Lancea are that of a wolf-shepherd among sheep.


Inquisitors typically have a low amount of Status, due mostly to the fact that Bishops and their ilk do not want to give their “secret police” greater authority than they themselves have. And then I woke up.

Wed Adams rated it liked it Feb 02, Conversion Those who will not voluntarily open their eyes must be forced to see. Originally posted lancew wyrdhamster View Post.

Lancea et Sanctum – Onyx Path Forums

The Ordo either says we don’t know, not enough science, or God cursed you and we hate him. They are not the mindless, bloodthirsty vandals who represent the worst of the unbound. And that involves a bit of underhanded action. Thanks for telling us about the problem.

The Lancea Sanctum

Obsidian Portal has a lot of really cool features that use JavaScript. Bryon Burgan rated it it was amazing Dec 09, How can it be other religions when everything about sanchum has a catholic veneer? Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. They know, however, that to rein in the entirety of the young generations would vastly curtail their recruiting power — assuming they could do it at all — so they grit their teeth and make every effort to clean up after careless childer.

Lancea Sanctum Titles

Naturally, the insular nature of the Requiem makes this difficult, so such connections are rarely lasting or significant. Equally, nothing’s stopping a LetS member from viewing a wise Imam and a kind priest as equally righteous mortals and putting them both under Church’s protection. They terrorize, corrupt and defile mortals to test them, and their supposed innocence.


I’m not that familiar with the Sabbat, so I’m going to start at this with a blank slate. Originally posted by Gwyn chan ‘r Gwyll View Post. Sanctuj rated it really liked it Jul 14, Originally posted by Blue Thomas View Post.

Vampires occupy a higher level. Bez Bezson rated it liked it Nov 12, The aesthetics asnctum the Church of the Damned are skewed towards Christianity because Christ is a central figure in their mythology and because the covenant evolved alongside Christianity in Rome and throughout the middle ages, but a devout Christian being Embraced and joining LetS will still have to learn a completely new doctrine that’s barely compatible with his mortal beliefs.

The world is filled with sin, and the Kindred are called to cull sinners from the world, and to samctum the devil that tempts the righteous to ensure that they do have good intentions at heart.