Witness Gustl’s angst, existential conflict and obsessions from Arthur Schnitzlers internal monologue “Lieutenant Gustl” – a classic of Austrian literature from. Lieutenant Gustl has ratings and 59 reviews. Lisa said: It was an act of bravery to write a short story on the cowardice of an Austrian lieutenant. LIEUTENANT GUSTL. By Arthur Schnitzler. Translated from the German by Richard L. Simon. 49 pages. Los Angelus: Sun and Moon Press,

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Wonder if it wouldn’t be best to tell the first one I meet all about it-but just as if it had happened to someone else? Why is the waiter back already? Das ist toll, das ist intensiv, das ist extrem modern.

I was quite right. This little book came as a bit of a nice surprise to me. Is he really talking to me? Funny, I’ve never seen the fellow since. And then she once sent me a postcard from Belgrade. That gusgl a good looking carriage His Highness had in Przemsyl. What sort of a face is he making?

It’s awful; it’s unbearable; I must kill fustl on the spot, wherever I happen to meet him! Schlesinger will know it-so will the cashier girl- And even if he planned not to tell anybody, he’ll certainly tell them the day after tomorrow. We also offer the virtual theater in combination with a staged reading of the ensemble in German language.


There’s still time enough after eight o’clock for being deceased! Sorry, we can’t be your seconds. What’s he going to say now? Well, why doesn’t he let go of my sword? Lieutenant Bisanz was a tough opponent.

Home – Inside Lieutenant Gustl

Perhaps it’s Ballert with his Bertha. He quietly whisper’s gusgl Gustl that he is a “fathead,” a most apt description, and that if he says another word the baker will take out the sword and break it in half, thus shaming Gustl. No, it can’t be done. She won’t allow anyone to notice how she feels. However, in time of need a person will do almost anything.

None but the Brave (Leutnant Gustl) by Arthur Schnitzler, |

But why bother about whether Kopetzky will teach school tomorrow. Gustl wanders Vienna, sleeping a bit in the Prater, contemplating just how he will kill himself, rejecting every argument against so doing. Won’t a single one of them light?


Light enough to read, if you wanted to. That’s the word-That’s all there is to it. Although i t was in a desolate part of the country, and the weather was hot enough in the summer to kill you. Well, hard to imagine — — The SMS wasn’t anything important. Willy was no older than I when he took the leap. Say I have a day’s leave.

Lieutenant Gustl

No, oh no, it’s because I haven’t eaten in such a long time. The moment I see him I’ll run him through. You, please include me too. The fact it was written almost years ago, you don’t get the impression it was.

Nothing, nothing at all-no one heard it. No matter how you torture your brain, there’s no way out! It was a good party, all in all. Just wait, mister, you’ll stop making remarks like that!

But no one will see me.