Live Lyrics Feature Rolling out in YouTube Music For Android, iOS



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Live Lyrics Feature Rolling out in YouTube Music For Android, iOS

YouTube Music is working on improving the listening experience for its users. It is reportedly rolling out live lyrics for all its users on the Android and iOS music streaming app youtube. This live lyrics feature is similar to what’s available on Spotify when a user plays a song. This feature was initially seen on YouTube Music back in April, but now it’s being more widely introduced to users. However, live lyrics might not be available for all songs at the moment.

Supports both Android and IOS Platform

YouTube Music is launching its live lyrics feature for Android and iOS app users. With the live lyrics feature, the line being sung will be highlighted in white, while the rest of the lyrics will be displayed in a lighter shade of brown.

How To Access Live Lyrics

To access live lyrics on YouTube Music, users can play any song with its associated lyrics and then navigate to the lyrics tab on the now playing screen. The report also mentions that the live lyrics feature is being rolled out with version 6.15 of the YouTube Music app on Android and version 6.16 on the iOS app. If users are having trouble accessing live lyrics, they can attempt to forcefully close the app by swiping it away from the recent apps screen.

However, it’s important to note that the live lyrics feature is not yet active for all songs. Therefore, users might have to wait a bit longer to access live lyrics for their favorite songs if it’s not available yet.

First Spotted in April 2023

This feature was first spotted earlier this year in April when an earlier report mentioned that YouTube Music’s live lyrics feature elevates the text size and spacing in a theatrical manner compared to the static lyrics of current stable songs.

It’s worth remembering that the live lyrics feature was initially rolled out in select countries including India on Spotify in June 2020. It was later expanded to more markets until November 2021.


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