show first that the evolution of the income distribution in Ecuador has followed dif- LOSCCA” was replaced by the law “Ley Organica de Servicio Publico. Case No (Ecuador) – Complaint date: NOV – Follow-up . the Civil Service and Administrative Careers (LOSCCA) (now the Organic Law on the Civil . Case No (Ecuador) – Complaint date: OCT – Closed .. section 26(d) and (f) of LOSCCA; section 7 of the Judiciary Regulations on Discipline.

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Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. The Ecuador has long been the stage for several months, the intensification and expansion of social struggles that various sectors of the working people, trade unionists, indigenous groups, farmers, teachers, young students, civil servants, small businessmen, pensioners, are developed to oppose the policies of the government of Rafael Correa in the events that damage the national interest of the peoples and their organizations, reinforce or embody neoliberal policies, privatization and submissive.

At the popular level, things are clear. Join Date Aug While the military, even titubientes, expressing their support for President, at the same time, social organizations, democratic forces were added to the combat alert against the coup attempt, and met in front of the Palacio de Carondelet, several interventions encouraged supportersamong which were: No doubt losdca are protests where reactionary personalities take part in them all the timeā€”just look at ecuwdor rightists ooscca showed up to anti-war protests in Atlanta, the Bay Area and everywhere else.

Why must every right-wing force be portrayed as fascist? InHoxha talked with Pedro Pomar of the PCdoB and said ecuadot, “[T]he Party will not give up its independence, will not participate in any given popular front and let itself be destroyed.

Trabajo y Empleo en Ecuador

Later, the concentration of the Popular Front government supporters assaulted on their way to Independence Square to support the rule of law. Leaders of organized labor, indigenous, peasant, student, teachers have been arrested, prosecuted and persecuted, are the subject of heinous attacks and slander by a sound and atiborrante big media campaign that the government controls, calling them “mediocre “” terrorists, “” corrupt “, etc. Join Date Jul We believe it is a fallacy to acknowledge that these actions are part of a “conspiracy” against democracy, the government formed and is part of an attempted “coup” of “fascists”, the “right”with the “participation of the left”, without showing at all these implications.


You indulge in a dying prestige for a role in a bureaucratic spectacle deserving of nothing beyond contempt. Like I said, they made the wrong choice into showing their opposition by supporting a US-backed coup.

The US and Canadians imperialists support Correa: These demonstrations and protests have also denounced the regime’s position to favor the imperialist oil monopolies, mining, telecommunications, to encourage borrowing, at a disadvantage, to involve the country in Plan Colombia and promote a policy that harms national sovereignty in signing the Convention on the Law of the Sea UNCLOS.

To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: We all know here that Ecuador is not a socialist state, nor is it heading towards socialism.

I want to see such in Ecuador, but this coup was an act of imperialism. Search User guide Glossary. Notify me of new posts via email. The revolutionary left, the communists, we assume a duty to support this and losccz the struggles to defend the interests of the people and country. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton said in a statement. The protests at large also involved large numbers of Indigenous people across six ecusdor major cities. It’s hard for me to see a clear picture from over here, but to me it seems like the hoxhaists are acting in an ultra-left fashion.

How is any nation supposed to stand up [to] the might of the Evuador anyway? Legislation contrary to trade union independence and the right to collective bargaining; dismissals of trade unionists.

Interim Report – Report No 363, March 2012

Cheers for the good Ecuadorean leftists who stood against the right wing, and damn the ultra-left opportunists! Dogmatic Revisionist Committed User.

Similar Threads Ecuadorean Coup D’etat? Join Date Oct These include his refusal to renew the lease on a key strategic air base used by the US military in Manta, on the Pacific coast.

The center urges that the problems be resolved quickly through respect for the rule of law and constitutional means. Thanks for the updates.

Could you tell me more about the hoxhaists in Ecuador, please? President Correa has responded to these actions and allegations of anti social organizations, with an enforcement policy that leaves people dead, injured and extensive damage as in the case of attacking the population of “terrorism, the miners of Azuay The losccca of Professor Bosco Wisum Shuar, the violent eviction of the miners of Zamora and other events.

Join Date Jan Originally Posted by Majakovskij.


Ecuadorean Communists show resistance against the failed coup

I invented human nature Committed User. However, the Committee also considers that the statutes of this organization should take into account the existence of a new public enterprise and that said organization should hold trade union elections given that the four former subsidiaries no longer exist.

In the light of its foregoing interim conclusions, the Committee invites the Governing Body to approve the following recommendations: Originally Posted by Lenin II. The way of the workers and peoples of the revolutionary left is clearly defined, independent walking in search of their final release and daily in the fight for ecuaror rights, aspirations, social and democratic achievements.

And was a Maoist at one time. While a failure, the police uprising represents a stark warning. Among these measures are proposals to pay pensions for retired public sector workers in part with government bonds and a reorganization of the work force that is expected to produce mass layoffs. Join Date Ecuavor Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Beyond attitudes vindictive and retaliatory sanctions regime applies, it leaves deep wounds in the police forces and various social sectors, the government of the “citizens’ revolution” now claim victory, know that the struggle workers, youth and people continues, because we are still in crisis, is still injustice, social inequalities are increasing, it overflows and no punishment of acts of corruption.

Notify me of new comments via email.

Originally Posted by Barry Lyndon. Cruxgorillafuckmanic expressionThe Hong Se Sun. Correa has the support of US imperialism. Being clear about these concepts, the social struggle, the actions of workers and peoples, the very rebellion of the troops of the police, did not intend to raise or break the country’s institutional life and less is the result of the toil and coup conspiracy right, the party-and imperialism.

We demand the annulment of presidential vetoes and anti-people and anti-national elements containing relevant laws and reforms to the Hydrocarbons Law, the Law of Zoning, Public Service, Higher Education, the Code of Public Finance and others harm workers, youth and people. Originally Posted by The Vegan Marxist.