How to make videos louder while on facetime iPhone


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How to make videos louder while on facetime

Did you ever notice, while you are watching a video on your iPhone o iPad and suddenly you receive a facetime call, your sound form the video get lower.

Usually, if you get a call on facetime while watching video, you pause the video or turn of the mediaplayer to answer the facetime call.

But, what about you don’t want to stop the video and watch it parallelly with the facetime call. This brings us to our core topic of this article which is;

How to make videos louder while on facetime iPhone

To make video sound louder while on facetime, you can simply plug in to head phones.

By switching to the Apple wireless EarPods or any other compatible headphone, it will make your video sound louder while you enjoying your facetime call.

Let’s understand the process with and example.

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The Process

Suppose you are watching a video on be it online or offline stored in your iPhone local storage, and at that very moment you get a facetime call , simply pause the video and pick the facetime call.

Now, minimize the facetime call screen.

Step 1: Head to settings app

How to make videos louder while on facetime iPhone

Step 2: On the next screen, tap on the Bluetooth option as shown in the image

Step 3: Make sure your headphone’s are switched on and are discoverable to nearby Bluetooth devices

Step 4: Inside the Bluetooth menu, search for your headphone and connect with them just as you do normally

Once your headphone and apple iPhone is connected, start the video again while you are on the facetime call.

This time you will notice that video sound is no longer decreased. In fact, it is as loud as your facetime call volume.

If your headphone’s volume is not increase, try increasing volume from your iPhone and headphone’s volume control button.

However, please make sure that your facetime audio setting is selected to Wide Spectrum. This option will help in pulling out the maximum volume out of the video being played.

How To Stop Facetime From Lowering Volume On Iphone

So, if if talk about how to turn down facetime volume while watching videos iphone, the most convenient option is using your headphones and it will solve of how to increase video volume while on facetime.

If you thinking of setting the audio setting to wide spectrum without using the headphone, then this won’t work.

So, while watching Netflix or your favorite series always keep the Apple earphone or headphone handy to tackle the low volume issue during facetime calls.

How to lower facetime volume while watching Netflix

Instead of increasing the video volume, a lot of user searches for How to lower facetime volume while watching Netflix.

Well, for this, simply plug-in the headphone in while you are on the facetime call.

Set the audio setting to wide spectrum. This will increase the video volume.

Now, use volume rocker button to decrease the facetime volume and you are good to go.

how to turn down facetime volume while watching videos

To turn down the facetime volume while watching a video, Simple plug in the headphone and use iPhone’s volume rocker to control the facetime volume

Why Facetime lowers volume

Facetime lowers volume because as per the iPhone working architecture, As soon as you get the facetime, the phone gives facetime priority as compared to any other third party app and hence it lower then volume.

Facetime volume too loud

Facetime volume is too loud because IOS gives native apps more priority as compared to third party apps. To lower the facetime volume simply use the volume rocker to turn down the volume.

Why is my facetime volume so low

usually, facetime volume is not low. but, to increaser the facetime volume, Simply use the volume rocker button to increase the volume

Can you change the volume of a FaceTime call?

To unmute yourself, click the Mute button one more time. Adjust the volume of your microphone by following these steps: Go to the Apple menu and select System Preferences, click on Sound in the side menu, navigate to Output & Input on the right side, choose Input, and finally, move the Input volume slider to your desired level.
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