Story of Malhari Mahatmya (Khandoba) – Malhari Mahatmya is a literary work done in Marathi language that narrates the story of Khandoba. Khandoba (IAST: Khaṇḍobā), Martanda Bhairava or Malhari, is a Hindu deity worshiped as a The legends of Khandoba, found in the text Malhari Mahatmya and also narrated in folk songs, revolve around his victory over demons Mani- malla. Explore More · Malhari Kulkarni. Follow. (Publications: 2 | Followers: 0). Mobile. Download. 0. Embed. Share. Upload. malhari mahatmya. malhari mahatmya.

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Home Map Site Map. Mhalsa is believed to be a combined avatara of Mohini and Parvati. She is visited by him at “Davna Mal” field of southernwooda herb said to be dear to Khandoba. Other myth variants narrate that Khandoba defeats a single demon named Manimalla, who offers his white horse, sometimes called Mani, to the god.

There, she felt in love with God Khandoba.

An invitation to this feast is regarded as an invitation from the god Khandoba himself and is harder to refuse. Wikimedia Commons has media related to Khandoba. Mailara was the family deity of Kakatiya dynasty — AD ; a text from their rule records the self-torture rituals of Mailara-devotees and describes the mmalhari.

malhari mahatmya

Martanda “blazing orb” is a name of Surya, while Bhairava is a form of Shiva. Indra wellcomes all Rishi but declares his inability to defeat the demons and advised Rishi to go to Vaikuntha God Vishnu’s home. Marathi literature has a mixed reaction to the cult of Khandoba. Initially exaulted by an incarnation of Shiva, Mailara was denouned by Basavathe founder of the Shiva-worshipping Lingayat sect — who would later promote the deity. He is viewed as a “king” of his followers. Angered by the demon’s request, Khandoba decapitates him, and his head falls at the temple stairs where it was trampled by the devotees feet.

Mhalsa was born as the daughter of a rich merchant in Newase called Timshet. Possession by Khandoba, in form of a wind, is lower demonic worship pishachi worship. Legends of Khandoba mahattmya tell about the battle between the deity and demons Malla and Mani.


Nagamani In Dream Meaning. On the dinine orders of Khandoba in a dream to Timshet, she was married to Khandoba on Pausha Pournima the full moon day of Hindu calender month of Paush in Pali Pembar.

The deity also has links with the Jain and Vaishnava traditions. Shree Shiv takes the avatara of Martandbhairava. Lord Shiva took the form of Martandabhairav and led the army. E mentioning the folk deities Mailara and his consort Malavva which suggests that Mailara gained popularity in Karnataka in this period.

Description of court of Indra. The worship of Khandoba had received royal patronage by Ibrahim IIwhich consisted of the reinstatement of the annual jatra and the right of pilgrims to perform rituals at the Naldurg temple. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Khandoba has two wives who are women from different communities, who serve as cultural links between the god and the communities.

Traditional Maharashtrian families also organize a jagaran as part of the marriage ceremony, inviting the god to the marriage. The name “Khandoba” comes from the words “khadga” swordthe weapon used by Khandoba to kill the demons, and “ba” father.

Banai is believed to the daughter of Indrathe king of the gods or as Incarnation of Godess Ganga.

Story of Malhari Mahatmya (Khandoba)

Army of demons prepare for war. Mwhatmya day, Khandoba killed all the sheep and goats of Banai’ father and promised to make them alive again if he was married to Banai. After then meditate Japa my name for thousand times, so the enemies will destroy.

A separate shrine to Banai is situated halfway down the hill. A gondhal amhatmya performed along with the tali bharne. Powered By Versatile Software. Add to Spiritual Diary.

Retrieved from ” https: Khandoba also fell in her love. The images of Khandoba and Malla are cleaned and worshipped. The Sanskrit Malhari Mahatmya suggests offerings of incense, lights, betel and animals to Khandoba. The other demon is grabbing the reins of the horse and attacking Khandoba with a club as Khandoba is dismounting the horse and attacking the demon with his sword. On the divine orders of Khandoba in a dream to Kalhari, she was married to Khandoba on Pausha Pournima the full moon day of Hindu calendar month of Paush in Pali Pembar.


Khandoba is a much-married god with wives from many communities, who serve as culMhalsa Avtartural links to the communities. Banai was found by Dhangar shepherd, when she was abandoned on earth by an angry Indra.

Welcome To Shree Kshetra Jejuri – Khandoba

He is called Mallu or Ajmat Khan Rautray by Muslim devotees, and many times portrayed as being a Muslim himself in this context. The name “Mallari” or “Malhari” is split as “Malla” and “ari” enemythus meaning “enemy of the demon Maahatmya.

In Pali-Pember, the ritual of the marriage of Khandoba with Mhalsa is annually performed.

Then, a coconut is placed on a pot filled with water and the pot is worshipped as an embodiment of Khandoba. His first wife Mhalsa is from the Lingavat merchant caste; his second wife Banai is a Dhangar shepherd caste ; the third wife Rambhai is from Terror caste; fourth wife Phulai is a gardender and fifth caste Candai is a Muslim or described as a Telin oil presser caste.

The boon was granted, and thus he was transformed into a demigod. Dhere and Sontheimer suggests that the Sanskrit Mshatmya was composed around — AD, mostly by a Deshastha Brahminto whom Khandoba is the family deity. Khandoba’s third wife, Rambhai Shimpin, is a tailor woman who was a heavenly nymph or devangana and is sometimes identified with Banai.

Gazetteer of the Bombay Presidency. Both festivals have enactments of the battle between Mailar and the demons Mani-Malla.