Fun Things To Do On FaceTime With Your Boyfriend


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Fun Things To Do On FaceTime With Your Boyfriend

Looking at the question we have here, Things To Do on FaceTime With Your Boyfriend?, one may get excited.

FaceTime is an incredible way to stay in touch with family and loved ones, but you can use it for so much more than simply conversation.

But a lot of person say that it’s just a video calling platform and “What To Do on FaceTime With Your Boyfriend”.

But, let me tell you guys, facetime is much more then just a popular video calling app for iPhone. There are a lot of fun things you can do on facetime.

For example;

  • Fun things to do with girlfriend on facetime
  • Things you can do with your friend on facetime
  • Games you can play with your BFF
  • Creativity and crafty activates that you can with Kids on facetime
  • Dates ideas on facetime with Crush and many for things

Here are a few fun activities on FaceTime with your boyfriend that’ll give the illusion that you are together even though miles separate you!

Fun Things To Do On FaceTime With Your Boyfriend

If are in a relationship with your boyfriend and you are getting a sense that things are not interesting as earlier but you want to make things better.

One way to prevent this and give your relation ship with your boyfriend a new spark even even you guys are not close. Here, comes the FaceTime!

It’s an excellent way to communicate with your boyfriend if you are not together or you are in a long distance relationship. So, what to do on facetime with your boyfriend?

Things You Can Do With Your Boyfriend Over FaceTime

Knowing your are not together and still you want to spend a quality time with your boyfriend is difficult.

Here, you have to be creative enough to use available option and utilize them for your benefits and give your relationship with your boyfriend a new spark.

So, Let’s start the ideas!

1. Setup a Virtual Date

Facetime allows you to connect with your favorite person for long hours. You can set up a romantic coffee date. Here are the few ideas

  • Before starting the facetime call ask your boyfriend to keep the coffee ready
  • You can setup the mood light at your own respective places and enjoy the coffee together
  • You could also have theme for the coffee date such as dress type, color, costume, etc
  • With coffee you can chat about each other favorite Tv shoes or what ever the other person likes.

1. Share a movie together

If you guys are crazy about movies and series, then you can setup and movie date on facetime. For those of you who both love certain films, stream it together onto separate devices for an at-home movie night with just the two of you!

  • So, decide a movie /series on Netflix or whatever streaming platform you like.
  • Set the scene with candlelight dinners and soft lighting for that extra romantic flair
  • Have your setup ready with popcorn or coffee or anything you like during the movies
  • Now, Sync your movies so that you guys are watching same scene at the same time

So, here is your romantic movies date you guys can lough together, or see each other and enjoy same show together for a deeper connect.

2. Play Games

To add some lighthearted competition into your video calls, why not add games such as Truth or Dare or Mr & Mrs? Alternatively, other great options such as Charades or Articulate can provide hours of laughter-inducing entertainment!

Playing games together helps you feel closer to the person and help yo uin understanding your boyfriend.

Here are some of the game ideas for Facetime Games

  • Virtual Star Gazing: Go outside with your devices, call each other on FaceTime, and look at the night sky together. Tell romantic stories and share dreams while looking at the stars.
  • Love Letters Unleashed: Write heartfelt love letters or poems to each other in a digital journal. Take turns reading them out loud on FaceTime, expressing your deepest feelings.
  • 20 Questions: Write 20 question that you want to ask your boyfriend to know him better
  • Memory Lane Game: Take turns talking about your favorite moments and special times as a couple. Share pictures, videos, or souvenirs from your time together to strengthen your bond and remember cherished memories.

These are just few example, you can be creative and sky is the limit.

3. Help Each Other Shop

Though Facetime is for video calling but you can use this platform to help each shop and give your suggestions on what to buy.

Here are some tips;

  • Decide a time when you both will be visiting the shopping mall
  • For clothes, you can show him the design and fit after wearing the ask for suggestions
  • For home product, ask him about ideas what to buys for example what to put in the bed side table. What color bed shoot look good. or what accessories you should buy, etc

4. Put Together A Playlist Together

A romantic playlist can be an elegant yet thoughtful way of showing your partner that you care, particularly during times of difficulty.

Simply compose a romantic playlist and play it so that you both can hear and enjoy the moment while watching each other. Or if they want they can listen to it when ever they are free.

They’ll appreciate that you put so much thought and care into creating it together and listening back together will strengthen bonds between partners!

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To get your boyfriend’s attention on FaceTime, be engaging, show genuine interest in his day, use positive body language, dress nicely, and surprise him with fun and creative conversation starters.

How do I entertain my boyfriend over the phone

To entertain your boyfriend over the phone, try these ideas: engage in fun conversations, share interesting stories, play games like 20 Questions, send funny memes, plan virtual movie nights or listen to music together, and give each other virtual compliments.
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