What Does TextNow Call Rejected Mean?


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What Does TextNow Call Rejected Mean

If you want to talk to someone and when you call them you get “Call Rejected” message. Nothing is more frustrated then this situation. To avoid these, many people use third party calling apps as they work entirely different.

One such popular calling app for iPhone is TextNow, This is an American apps developed to facilitate user with text and calls through voice over internet protocol.

Meaning, the app only works with an active internet connection not on cellular reception that comes from sim card.

But, what if you tried calling someone TextNow, and you see “Call rejected” message. You will be frustrated for sure. At this point, some people asks” Why Does TextNow Say Call Rejected?”

Also, a lot of user search for User Busy Meaning on TextNow.

Well, this article cover every aspect of this problem and tell you how to fix this issue.

Why Does TextNow Say Call Rejected?

TextNow says call rejected because the recipient has blocked your number or the application is no more installed in their iPhone.

There are majorly 3 reasons due to which you get Call Rejected message.

Reason 1

TextNow app is an app based service in which users are assigned with a number. Which may to assigned to somebody else before.

So, there are high chances that your number might be in blocked by the recipient and that’s why everytime you call the number you are getting call rejected notification.

Reason 2

Another reason behind textnow saying call rejected is that the recipient has uninstalled the TextNow application.

In this case, when you try to call the number, the recipient is not event getting notification of the call and after sometime call automatically disconnects with the message.

Reason 3

Most common and sensible reason behind textnow saying call rejected is that actually the recipient does not want to talk to you for some reason and declined the call intentionally.

What does call rejected mean on TextNow

There are many reason, behind saying TextNow call rejected. Let’s have a look at them one by one

There are 2 things that you can do in this scenerio.

  1. If the purpose of the call is very urgent, you can do a cellular call to the other person. Even if they are busy on another call they will know that you are calling them.
  2. If there is not urgency, Just wait for few minutes and then try calling the person again on TextNow. If the user is available then they will get the notification regarding the call and pick it up

How to fix call rejected TextNow

If you are also facing Call rejected issue in your smartphone. Then here are some troubleshooting tips to solve this problem.

Method 1 – Update TextNow app

Check if there is any update pending for your TextNow application for this, visit the app store search for the textNow and then check if there is any update pending.

If yes, update the app. restart you phone and try to call again and see if the problem is solved or not.

Method 2 – Clear Chache

Sometime accumulation of unused cache and temporary files interface with the functioning of the application and this result in the glitch like call rejections

To clear the cache, head to the setting, open application and scroll down till you see textNow application. Tap on the application to open it and clear the data.

Note: After clearing the data, you have to again login to use the application

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