What Does User Busy Mean on TextNow?


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What Does User Busy Mean on TextNow

TextNow is an American company started by 2 college students. The app provides free calling services in USA and Canada region. The TextNow application allows user to make calls and send texts and communicate using the internet services.

However, whenever a user encounters errors like “call rejected TextNow” or “User Busy”. At that very next moment a question pops in their mind;

What does User Busy mean on TextNow?

On TextNow, user buys simply means that the user may be engaged in another call or there may be insufficient network reception or intentionally declined by the user as the perosn is stuck with some urgent work.

In this article, we understand the User Busy Mean in TextNow application be it iPhone or Android and explore the significance.

Here are the some of the common reason behind USER Buys in Text Now App.

  1. User Busy TextNow could mean that the recipient is engaged in another call.
  2. User Buys in Text Now could mean the recipient declined the call
  3. Text Now User Busy could mean you are blocked
  4. User Buys message in Text Now could be due to call limit reached

So, above are the reason due which you may face user Busy Notification on TextNow app.

Why Am I Getting User Busy Notification on TextNow?

You are getting User Busy Notification due to any of the reason listed below.

Recipient Engaged on Another call

As the name suggest, when the user is actually engaged on another call then you will get the User Busy notification.

So, if the recipient is already on a call and at the same moment you happen to call the recipient, then you will hear the busy tone.

Recipient busy on another work

Another and most common reason for user busy notification in text now application on iPhone is that recipient is busy doing another work which is very important and at that very moment you happen to call.

Then, recipient chose to ignore the call due to not being in the situation to pick the call. Them also you will hear the busy message

Bad Network Reception

There are places where cellular reception is not strong. and, due to which internet connect connection is week or not working at all.

At that moment if you call the recipient, due to less network, there are high chances that the call is not going through and recipient is not even getting the call notification.

This could be one of the reason for bust user notification.

Recipient Blocked You

If recipient has blocked you on iPhone app, then this could be the reason behind your call not getting through and ending with an error message of User Busy on TextNow.

How to fix User Busy on Text Now

If you have tried all the options and still getting the notification, then this could be due to some technical glitch.

Here are some of the troubleshooting tips to fix User Bust message.

Update TextNow App

The msot effective and common solutions to solve any technical solutions is to check for updates.

Many a time companies, release mobile application updates with an intention to improve the function and features.

But, a lot of user don’t update their application which at the cause incompatibility issue with the old and and newly released code.

So, to update the application, follow this procedure.

  1. Go to Apple App store
  2. Search for TextNow in the search bar
  3. Once the app download page is open
  4. See if there is any update pending.
  5. If yes, update your app and this should fix the issue.

Restart Device

Another most common and effective solution to fix technical issues is simply restarting the device.

Try restarting your IOS device, and use TextNow app to see if the problem is resolved on not.

Permission Issue

Having necessary permission to operate properly is very important. Check that you have given all the necessary permission required by TextNow app to work properly.

To check this, go to settings, Select TextNow app > permissions.

Grant all the required permissions.

Clear Application Cache

Sometime old and unused cache fills up the memory which affect the functionality of the app and then you start seeing all the error messges.

To clear the application cache;

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Select the TextNow app
  3. clear the Cache
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